[Merged] Cracking sound issue after Android 10



  • Cracking Sound Issue in all apps. No Fix for 3 Months. NOKIA DISAPPOINTING PEOPLE.

  • Hi...

    I updated my Nokia 6.1 Plus to Android 10 and since it restarted, a lot of apps have Noisy crack sound problem,

    For example WhatsApp, Fl studio, and many other Games.

    The strangest thing is when i play a MIDI file in app (like Fl studio) sound have bad crack noise, and when i open that exact Midi File in an another player, it has no crack sound and plays good.

    I saw in the internet, A Lot Of Users have same problem with Android 10 update.

    Why you do not fix this problem?

    What should i do?

    Anybody have same problem?

    Any sollution?

    Any Advice?

  • singhnsk
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    The next MR will fix it. The question now is.. When will they release it?

    Most likely with the March patch.

  • I hope they fix this soon as soon possible.

    I can't use a lot of app and games at now.

  • They will never fix it . They are providing waste service.

  • We Should Post This Topic on Twitter and Share Publically On Social media so Nobody will Buy Nokia Phones in Future. They are not Going to Fix as It's 3 Months we are Facing this Issue. All Apps making Cracking Sound after Updating to Android 10. No Fix for Last 3 Months.

  • No Fix Provided for Cracking Sound Issue After Android 10 Update on Nokia 6.1 Plus. Such a waste service by Nokia. How they can expect people to Buy Nokia Devices If they are not fixing Bugs for Last 3 Months. We Should Post this story on Twitter and on whole Social media Publically. So people will get to know about Nokia Service and Support. Such a waste brand.

  • This is also a problem with nokia 6.1 Plus. Pause & play, next & previous all buttons are active always which is very irritating while enjoying/ watching videos

  • Dear nokia team ,

    I don't think you ever followed your own community ever . Lol . Not given any solution of sound bug . I think you people will not gonna fix it like your 1st handset Nokia 6 has the Dolby bug which you never fixed.

  • Support Team says we don't provide any MR they say only they will provide Security Updates. So it's clear Nokia will Never Fix this Sound Cracking Bug. Nokia thinking Customers are Fool.

  • Cracking Sound Issue After Android 10 Update not fixed for last 3 Months. Nokia Company Going to Die Soon. No Use of Buying Nokia Devices. They started Disappointing Users Hope Now. I Think these Bugs will Never get Fix. So better to throw phones in Dustbins. SHAME on you Nokia. Such a waste brand.

  • user1542692860701
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    This occur when you turn on accessibility menu same in youtube

    The solution

    You have to turn off this setting

  • Red apple
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    Nokia never fix this problem Nokia 1 to nokia 8.1 have software bug

  • All apps and games making cracking Sound after Android 10 Update. No Fix Provided for 3 Months. Nokia Not going to Fix This Bug. We have to throw phones in Dustbins. Shame on you Nokia.

  • My phone has stopped vibrating. What should I do about it?

  • Nokia Irritating People by not fixing cracking Sound Issue After Android 10 Update. No Fix Provided for 3 Months. They don't have any shame at all though. Nokia Giving Waste Service.

  • After Android 10 Update all apps and games making cracking Sound. No Fix Provided for 3 Months. Such a waste Service. I think Nokia will Never Fix this. Nokia Looting People's Hard Earned money.

  • Waste Service by Nokia. Cracking Sound Bug in apps and games Not Fixed. Guitar Tuner Not taking Mic Inputs. Such a crap device after Android 10 Update. Nokia don't have any Shame at all. We should post this matter on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and all Social media. So people will get to know what kind of crap devices they are selling. Why they gave Buggy Android 10. Nokia not going to Fix Bugs I think.

  • I was really hoping that HMD and Nokia would fix the issue regarding sound bugs. There is still distorting sound and crackling sound while playing games. Similarly the phones' mic volume is low even when the speaker volume is at its max. Now even the voice messages that are sent through messenger have a low volume when i play my own voice message in messenger. It keeps on disappointing me. I hope the company send an update that can fix all these issues.

  • What Nokia is doing for 3 Months No fix has been provided for Cracking Sound Bug in all apps after Android 10 Update. Such a waste Service. All customers getting annoyed with these Bugs. Nokia Answer when Fixes will be Provided.

  • now they are irritating us,its been 3 months and no update for sound problem

  • There new Vendor image with build V4.15 with all fixs like third party sounds problems and many more but I don't when it will be available !

  • With the latest updates of both the apps and the os. I am experiencing some problem with the game audio breaking with some games like kick flight and call of duty, on my device nokia 6.1 plus. Just wondering if anyone out there is experiencing the same and knows why is that happening.

  • singhnsk
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    Hi, your post was moved to the right thread. You see, many others are facing the issue. It is a software bug and your phone does not face any hardware issue. This should be fixed in the next MR update (whenever that happens, preferably in April).

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    [Title edited by super user for bad language]

  • Kartik Gada
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    Yeah it will obviously be fixed and with so many complaints everywhere I am sure Nokia Mobile is aware about this issue. The fix might take time to come.

    The delay could be because of the spread of Coronavirus. Many countries are under lock down and companies can't risk lives of their employees. The workforce is reduced and I guess the fix will arrive only after the situation is back to normal.

    P.S. I understand your frustration but next time onwards Do not use all CAPS while commenting or posting a new discussion or else it will be deleted.

  • I also facing this problem, but when I play videos or songs from other app their works fine but when I play voicemail of WhatsApp and games their start making noisy sound. 🤔🤔🤔

  • I just noticed the same with the whatsapp audio which was compressed(low quality) and of low frequency.