[Merged] Cracking sound issue after Android 10



  • Today where this comment posted, my phone nokia 6.1 plus is just have issue when play voice note on whatsapp, i try to contact whatsapp and this what whatsapp team say:

    the rest is no problem with the audio.

  • Issue started after Android 10 Update. It's been 4 Months Nokia Suffering from Coronavirus. How Cheap Reasons Nokia Giving instead of fixing the Cracking Audio Bug in Nokia 6.1 Plus. They Don't have Shame Post This On Twitter Guys.

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    @manishsaini776 While your annoyance is fair, please don't abuse or have a bad mouth for the other members of the community. We are all humans and not responsible for the software.

  • @singhnsk I am not saying to any member of the community. But you also know very well whom I am Frustrating Nokia Right because they not fixed issue for 4 Months. I Trusted and Bought Nokia But how come these Guys Not Fixing Bug for 4 Months. I can Understand for 2 Months. 4 Months is Long Period Right.

  • Who is Responsible for Not Fixing Bugs for 4 Months. Customers are in Trouble.

  • Nokia Suffering from Coronavirus from Past 4 Months. How they give these Comedy Reasons. We are Frustated And Nokia Thing Customers Frustration as Comedy . This is How Nokia Behaves with Customers.

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    All Apps making cracking Sound Issue After Android 10 Update

  • Agreed to you.

    If you really want bug fixes, you can downgrade to Android 10 by visiting service center.

    🤐😬But it's bad way of spamming the community...

    😓My advice second time don't buy Nokia smartphone. This is not Nokia that I remember. I miss my old Nokia XpressMusic.


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    I will only like to say one thing and that is I am a community member just like you and not from the staff of Nokia Mobile/HMD Global.

    No I am not blind but you definitely are. You can't even see the affects of Coronavirus.😑

  • @Kartik Gada You only said fix not provided due to Coronavirus. But tell me when Android 10 Update Released for Nokia 6.1 Plus. I am Questioning Nokia not you. Coronavirus would have started 1.5 Months Back. But I am Facing Bug Since 4 Months.

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    I told Covid-19 might be the reason and I never said my info is 100% accurate. It is just a guess. Software updates take time to make. You can't just press a button and fix the issues. Also coronavirus started since December 2019 and kept spreading and is still spreading. Many countries are going in lock down and you are here shouting for an update.

    All I am asking you is to calm down and wait for the fix. I know it has been too long but what can they do if they probably don't have the staff to work on the fix? They too have no choice and same for you and other users as well.

    Just wait. That's all you can do for now. Just spamming the community with multiple posts won't help.

  • But How Long we have to wait Kartik Bro .@Kartik Gada

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    The next MR has a fix for it. It is only a matter of when it will be released. Let's hope April update is where everything is merged.

  • Ok @singhnsk and @Kartik Gada Ok Bro Let Us Hope for the Best. And Sorry my Big Brothers I was just questioning Nokia. You Are My Lovely Big Brothers. Sorry for Misunderstanding my Big Brothers.

  • @Kartik Gada Kartik Bro are you still angry on me . Sorry Bro I was questioning Nokia But I am not saying to Anybody. Bro Please Don't Misunderstand me. You can Check my comments I was Only Questioning Nokia for Fix Not anybody. Please Everybody be Healthy and Take Complete Care During this Period. Thanks for your support Guys.

  • I love all Community Members But Urge Nokia to Keep there Customers Happy.

  • It's already April and Nokia still hasn't deliver it. Everytime I play games (mostly online game e.g CODM) the sound still cracking, both with the speaker or headset. It's truly annoying and I won't downgrade to Pie because I have a lot of data. There isn't a single reply or troubleshoot from Nokia. Truly dissapointed.

  • Sound crackling issue found after android 10 update.

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    Same here. Nokia 6.1. Start right after updating to Android 10. So far I'm only hearing it when I play Whatsapp voice notes on speaker and when playing games and the cracking and popping noises are very irritating. All other sound (Spotify, Youtube, Netflix) all working great.

  • Same issue on Nokia 9. Crackling sound in games. YouTube works fine and phone calls and messenger voice calls are fine too.

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    This is an example that Nokia is in the process of retrieving people from mobile addiction. A mobile(Nokia 6.1 plus) with third party app sound distortion bug for three months and a battery(3500mah) charging bug. Who will want to use a phone like that. Thanks to Nokia and Nokia's marvelous customer support. For me no more Nokia products.

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    Answer ✓

    I regret updating my Nokia 6.1 to Android 10. It was perfect on Android 9. A total mess on Android 10. Audio bugs, every time you unlock the phone the wallpaper is black and a second later it loads. Mobile data gets used in the background though all the settings are off. Mobile data starts getting used when wifi gets turned off or is out of range even though mobile setting is off. Finger print sensor behaves even worse after going to Android 10.

    Please give us a maintenance release to fix these bugs (or give me the option to go back to Android 9). I'll be patiently waiting for the next two months, but after that I'll have to consider going to another brand.

    Audio bugs I can kind of live with. Using my mobile data when you shouldn't = unacceptable.

  • No Fix Provided for 4 Month's. All Apps making cracking Sound Issue after Android 10 Update. When Fix Will be Provided.

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    Mostly this month as per sources HMD gonna release MR update along with April 2020 which fixes most common issue which among one is mentioned by you

    Just keep an eye on system update

  • Dies Nokia team reading community issues

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    They never did

    They never will

    This phone heats up like a piping hot iron box!!! Alongwith every other bugs which are safe and sound, even after dummy security patch update.

  • Hi

    There is 4 months we have these problems (After Android 10 Update) and we GOT 4 Monthly update calls: security patches, and guess what? Even 1 problem & issue didn't Fixed.

    SHAME ON #nokia.

    I Commented in all and Pages, I messaged to All Customery services, texted them, Even in Twitter, Facebook, insta, and more & more, but THEY DIDN'T CARE ABOUT US ...

    I Think Only thing to Nokia/HDM is important is sell phone,

  • No Use of Updates Cracking Sound and phone heating issue not fixed for 6 Months. Nokia Is F..U. ..K..N..G Company.

  • I think its bug on low latency audio or did not support low latency audio

  • Nokia is F..u..k..n..g Not Fixing Cracking Sound Bug for 6 Months. Nokia thinking Customers are Fool.