Introducing Nokia 8.3 5G



  • madbilly
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    After a bit of research I think that this is the 12MP ultra-wide angle sensor:

    Interesting point is that it contains extra pixels to do EIS without reducing field of view. I'm actually quite interested again! 😃

    Cheer 🙂

  • Can't wait to have this one 😍

    Expecting Nokia to launch a phone with cool telephoto lenses!

  • madbilly
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    Hi @OM 2606,

    Yes I was also expecting that but the 8.3 5G won't have one.

    Cheers 🙂

  • Does it suffer from all the bugs every Nokia phone has on Android 10?

  • teer shillong
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    Great to see Nokia is coming back with full strength.


  • Killer 💥💥

  • You just said it.

    I own a Nokia 7.1 for 2 years now and with the last update (4 months ago) the phone is ruined. It shows every issue you mentioned and sound cracks as well in some apps.

    Moreover, Nokia just don't care. Their advice if you contact support is to hard reset the phone; which doesn't solve anything.

    There are other brands with cheaper phones and still better service than this crap.

  • I would be surprised if someone buys a Nokia phone. I own one and I'm just looking forward to buy another brand and get rid of Nokia for good.

  • JAVA
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    Well Nokia is in good hand but HMD really don't know How Nokia name mean to us. If you post comments like this and report issues in the community we can get a answer hopefully if we don't give up

  • I was going to buy a realme X2 pro but I think this phone has changed my mind

  • madbilly
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    I've just seen that Xiaomi launched the Mi 10 Lite which uses the same chipset. Other specs are similar or less good, but the price is almost half! I don't know which frequencies the Mi 10 Lite will support but presumably not as many as the 8.3 5G, as that must be one reason the latter is more expensive.

    Worse, for HMD, the Mi will be available within the next few weeks, apparently, whereas we still don't know availability for the 83. 5G yet. I hope HMD have a plan for this...

    Cheers 🙂

  • madbilly
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    Hmmm, I just realised that in the launch video we didn't see anyone actually holding or using the 8.3 5G. The only "real" one we saw was the model on the shelves behind Raun, but this could just have been a non-functioning prototype model. Everything else we saw was probably a render.

    Which is a big shame, and a big worry. It's a shame that the phone is so far from being ready that they couldn't show a real one, and it's a worry that they need to announce this phone even though it's so far from being ready. I wonder if HMD had to announce something high-end and something 5G in order to keep their main customers (retailers and network operators) interested.

    I hope I'm wrong - and you should all hope I'm wrong too, because if HMD go down then you can say goodbye to your monthly security updates, you won't be getting them anymore.

    Cheers, I hope 🙂

  • Simplesmente eu nunca abandonei Nokia, tenho e uso Nokia há mais de 15 anos, quero que volte a ser comercializado no Brasil novamente, essa nova geração de aparelhos Nokia promete sucessos, gostei muito desse Nokia 8.3 configurações boas e atuais, quando começar a ser vendido, quero poder adquirir uma unidade, valeu amigos..

  • In terms of software quality, I'd take any other brand over Nokia any day.

    Heck, even the cheapest Chinese phones has more finished software than HMD has

  • On top of that, in one year's time the Nokia will receive an Android update full of bugs and it will be useless compared to the Xiaomi

  • techleap2105
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    First off the colour option for the nokia 8.3 is just wow. But on deep thoughts speculating the price of the device based on rumours i could advice nokia to lessen the price in india at least. At that price range all other phones except iphone have an AMOLED or SUPER AMOLED display. And the extra thick bezels are for reinforced strenght that i can understand but the punch hole camera! That wasn't your game nokia. As per your design team i expected something spectacular, something fresh. I dont exactly know the price of the new nokia 8.3 5g and many sites are even guessing the price to be around 50k INR in india, clearly that is a lot when compared to phones like oneplus and redmi which are powered by a flagship qualcomm chipset even. I use a nokia 7.2 at present that didn't even get updated to the latest android 10 and the top and bottom chin are so thick that i think you may not had included a dew drop notch for the camera. Prior to this on feb of 2019 i had the nokia 5.1 plus which had horrendous issues with volte causing sudden death of network in un detected stealth fashion. I was really happy that hmd ressurected the brand and an avid fan of it since then. Please consider it as an advice from a true nokia fan since 2007.

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    Well if you still have love for Nokia keep posting like this ok

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    Hi everyone 🙂 This is a public service announcement from one of your friendly Super Users 😁

    Let's try and keep the discussion about the phone, not about each other, okay 😉

    Before you click "Post comment" think, "does my comment contribute positively and constructively to the discussion?" If not, then please don't post it.

    Thanks for your understanding 🙂