May update - No mobile data connectivity - TA-1046

I just installed the newest update and now my mobile data is not working. My carrier is Telia. 

May update - No mobile data connectivity - TA-1046

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I just installed the newest update and now my mobile data is not working. My carrier is Telia. 

I have restarted my phone, turned the mobile data off and on again and removed the SIM. 

Can you help me please?


  • You are not alone. I have the same problem with Telia as well. Normal calls do work, also wifi. In addition to your actions I've also reset Wifi, mobile and bluetooth as instructed here

  • Same issue here as well.
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    I installed build 00WW_2_22A yesterday and noticed I didn't have any kind of mobile data on my Telia SIM. I tried with my friend's DNA SIM and mobile data works without flaws.

    I've been in touch with Telia's support and they are aware of the issue but do not have any idea what is causing it. So far it seems Nokia keeps telling people to contact Telia and Telia keeps telling people to contact Nokia about the issue. As far as the tech could tell, the APN is not read correctly from the settings, even if it is manually set in the access point profile.

    To top it off, the update also removed support for touch gestures on the fingerprint reader (back, home and recent apps) and replaced it with a simple "pull down" gesture to see the notifications. I preferred the old gestures, even if the recent apps one was a bit flaky to use with the included case.

  • My phone just installed following update which fixed the issue: something

  • This seems to be fixed atleast with my phone. Didn't see any updates though. 

  • I'm facing same issue with Telia. I tried everything all the way to factory reset my device and it didn't helped.
  • This problem started 24 hours ago (since the update last night), but I still don't have mobile data in my Nokia 7 plus.

    I have asked for an update when this would be fixed, but still no reply.

  • I thought that problem was fixed. I got 4g symbol on statusbar, but I still don't have internet connection.
  • Now I need to manually chose to use 3g instead of 4t connection to get phone to c8nnect. And obliviously my mobile data isn't working.
  • Exactly same issues with Telia fi after 8.1/may security update, no mobile data or 4g available, phone is just reqular Nokia 7. Contacted Telia, data package restarted and all related checked from phone and resented, no help 郎
  • Have you guys talked with Nokia's support about this? Somehow my problem went away by itself but I was going to chat with the support yesterday.

  • I have talked with support about this. They told me that they forwarded our conversation to supervisor.
  • Yes, also discussed with support few times, but cause Nokia 7 is China sold only I need to communicate with Chinese support(via wechat) . They also forwarded problem to technician or supervisor.
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    Hi, Telia data connection problem Iis solved with toggling airplanemode swich off and on. Minä found 3/4G after that
  • For me toggling airplane mode on and off is not helping. Phone doesn't have data connection even after this. Operator says, that Nokia have released update to fix this, but atleat I haven't got any update.

  • Another user reporting in with the same issue. Operator is Telia and after the update mobile data is not working anymore. Nothing I've tried has helped so far.

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    We have exactly the same problem in France with the Orange operator.
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    I have exactly the same issue with french carrier Sosh.
    I then had the carrier package update, but that did not solve anything.
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    I contacted french Nokia support this morning, the person I was in contact with did not ask me to modify settings or anything, just immediatly told me Nokia was aware of an issue with the update, no more info.

  • At least they are aware of the issue. Let's hope they will provide a fix quickly.
  • Hi there, i'm from France as well (carrier Sosh) and i have no more 4G/4G+ on my phone since i received the update. I am still able to use 3G/H+, but sometimes the phone tries to reach 4G+ and immediately lose network connection (i can't call or receive/send messages either when this happens)  for a moment. I have tried a couple of things to solve the issue without success:

    - switching airplane toggle on/off
    - networks settings reset
    - phone factory reset
    - manual APN configuration

    I contacted support on Thursday about this. I Wonder if other carriers are concerned or if it is just Orange/Sosh for us. 

    Another unrelated problem i experience with the update so far is that nightlight doesn't automatically trigger at sunset anymore; it is rather annoying to do it manually.

    Anyway, i hope Nokia will acknowledge the issues and patch the phone quickly. It is real pleasure to use this phone.

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    I forced 3G connection to avoid losing network.

  • I am now 100+ hours without mobile data with Telia Finland SIM. I find this unacceptable that Nokia is not even giving me a workaround for this problem or a chance to go back to earlier SW version.

    Also I have sent messages to customer service, but they are not replying to me anymore. Really frustrating.

  • Same here except 11 days without mobile data or 4g. My Telia sim is for business use as well phone. Got information from Nokia customer service that updates are suspended, fix is coming but no words when, so it can be today or after 1 month???
  • @rbfr

    Thank you for your tip. Seems to work perfectly fine as a temporary fix. :)

  • I need to say unbelievable poor communication from Hmd about these problems and a lack of information when fix is coming, no official word or anything, support don't know when. Expensive phones are lack of 4g and mobile data but I quests this is OK, just wait and see if fix is coming... Someday.
  • I was wondering same, that support have no idea about update and just tells you to send your phone to service. Anyway my 4g started to work yesterday. I put other carrier since card in and swapped my own sim back when phone got connection. After that my 4g is working.
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    Hi everyone

    We have a fix available now. Here are the steps that should help you out. 

    1) Connect your device to Wi-Fi 

    2) Restart the phone

    3) When you restart the phone and it connects to the Wi-Fi again a fix is downloaded to the phone (there is no notification to the user that a fix would have been downloaded) 

    Hope this solves your issues. 

    Best regards, 


  • Hi Laura,

    Thanks for the instruction, should this fix same problems for the Nokia 7 ta-1041 also? Followed steps but no help.
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    That didn't fix the problem with my TA-1046. Tried factory reset also...
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