How can I get the front facing camera to focus on my face?

Goss ✭✭
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How can I get the front facing camera to focus on my face??? I upgraded from Nokia 6 to Nokia 6.2 and I have to say the Nokia 6 front facing camera is way better. Please fix this via update to include and eliminate the fixed focus


  • Kartik Gada
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    Hi, @Goss

    The front facing camera on Nokia 6 had auto focus whereas, all Nokia phones after 1st gen devices came with a fixed focus front facing camera just like the front facing cameras you will find on phones from other brands. This is a hardware choice and cannot be fixed by software.

  • Nouman019
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    @Kartik Gada I'm using three different phones and I'm a photographer so I can tell what's the problem here. Front cameras with fixed focus are set to near focus because the face is in the range of approximately 1 metre. In case of Nokia 6.2 either the dumb developer has set the focus to infinity or far which should have been solved with fix in these 6 months or all the Nokia 6.2's have a faulty front camera. There is no other answer.

  • A little bit off topic but seems like developers working for Nokia are in general not very bright 😐