Front Camera is blurred

Nouman019 ✭✭✭
edited March 2020 in Nokia 6.2

Anyone noticed the front camera of Nokia 6.2 is blurred. The focus is set to infinity instead of near. Front cameras have focus set to near. Camera is blurred in all apps and this issue isn't solved so far. Don't know is this a software fault or a hardware one.


  • Kimble303
    Kimble303 ✭✭✭

    I think it is normal (= feature). The front cam won't have sharp focus on objects close to the lens.

    The situation is pretty much the same with e.g. Nokia 7.1 front cam.

  • Nouman019
    Nouman019 ✭✭✭

    It is not a feature. It is fault. Even the 5MP of Galaxy Grand Prime from 2015 has a clearer focus than 6.2. and if you place the camera away from your face like placing it on table and take a selfie with timer, the picture will be focused but at arm lenght they are always blurred.

  • I've never seen so bad quality images from 8mp camera on any device. I don't really believe it's 8mp, even if you get it to focus properly the picture's resolution seems very low (2m?). Maybe it is capable of taking 8mp photos but it's not doing it for some reasons.

  • I just bought a Nokia 5.4

    It doesn't have focus on its front camera.

    My china phone with 8 mp has clearee photos and can focus.

    I really want to refund this but in my country we have a no return policy once opened.

    I cannot even take a picture of my teeth to send to my dentist. It is that bad.

    8mp camera has better details and focus than this 16mp camera.

    I legit wanna cry. It's a waste of money. I used up all my savings for this.

  • I agree with you, Front camera for Nokia 5.4 requires lot of optimization. Even my Nokia 7.1 front camera does a better job than that. Team Nokia please help.

  • This should be a software error, they might fix this from their Android 11 update... Not sure when will it release, its almost Q3 but no A11... C'mon Nokia

  • Doesn't matter what's the issue, Nokia didn't bother to address it in anyway since the device was released. Android 11 (if we will get it at all) won't solve any problems with 6.2 but it will introduce some new for sure. The lesson is very clear: never again buy anything branded "Nokia".