The Screen Went Black

My Nokia 2.3 was working fine till morning, suddenly it turned off so I tried to restart it but it is not turning ON

When I press and hold the power button and lock button after connecting the USB cable it vibrates and the black screen inside also shows a dim light proving that it has been restarted

The phone itself is turned ON inside, I'm confirmed because I can hear the upcoming calls and messages but cannot respond to them because of the black screen

Please any help would be highly appreciated, I'm worried about my phone 😭


  • Mrigendra
    Mrigendra ✭✭
    edited April 2020

    This can be both a hardware issue or a software one. If it's prior one then you gotta carry it to repair shop or Nokia Care Centre.

    Now to differentiate between them try this- Confirm that display is working. To do that hold power button until your phone restarts(may be for more than 10seconds, it will vibrate). If you can see the bootanimation or Android one/Nokia logo then it's a software issuue. See that if this soft reboot helps.

  • My phone screen blink many times like glitch is it a software problem or hardware

  • It is probably a simple electrical malfunction.

    I was searching on the internet, and it froze, and then the internet window closed.... It is probably just another simple malfunction. It should be working fine.

    Technology is not perfect. There will probably be simple malfunctions throughout the different technology. 2020, is barely the beginning on the technology age.