Nokia 6.1 plus have a problem of charging port?

It is happening all of the phones of nokia 6.1 plus. I have visited to service centre all the phone that other person taken have same issue. My phone problem has not solved yet. I am asking nokia for better build quality.

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  • Charger complete
  • Battery not one day YouTube yes battery complete
  • This charging port problem started with faulty type c cable...the type c cable provided by nokia is the reason charging port are getting damaged..
    Change it ASAP.

  • Same problem here
  • i too faced same prblm n i gv it to service center to repair it instead they screwd my device n charged me extra 1672 rs 
  • It would be very grateful if charging port gets replacement

  • Charging port problem in my nokia 6.1plus

  • My Nokia 6.1plus created charging port issue 😠😠😠😠 has ignore this problem

  • Stupid nokia.....we couldn't buy this type of stupid nokia phones.....

  • Many users have this problem. I think all Nokia 6.1+ users will have the problem soon or later. But the problem is not in the cable as they said here, is the board design, What makes the connector on the board unsolds when the USB cable is inserted.

    I repaired or by myself, ordering the USB board in AliExpress and changing it. I already changed the board 3 times!! This is annoying, but is the unique solution...

  • anyone get extended warrenty ?

  • Bringing the phone to the service centre will only solve the problem temporarily. In fact, the problem is that charging board contacts get unsoldered very easily. This is a design fault. No matters how careful you are in inserting the cable.

    I ordered a new charging board (ebay, Aliexpress0 and glue a very thin piece of semi-rigid plastic foil along the weak contacts (”L” shape to be more rigid). You can use the best super-glue you can find (better if you use industrial grade super-glue). Better if you order a couple of spare charging board because you may fail the first time you try to fix it.

    The plastic plus the glue make it very strong and rigid. This fix has provided extra support to resist small shocks to the circuit.

    I have also added the magnetic plug permanently sitting in the USB port, and its cable to charge the phone. In this way, no more plugging or pulling the cable, making it almost zero-stress for the weak contacts on the board.

    After a few months, the phone is charging without any problem but…….do you realise what kind of work I had to do in order to avoid replacing the phone?

    It should not be happening in 2020!!!! Poor Nokia, and poor their customers!!!

  • My phone too

  • I also have the same problem. I bought 2 nokia 6.1 plus phone and after 8 months they are exhibiting the same problem. There is no response from Nokia. I regret buying Nokia phones

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  • Та же проблема на двух смартфонах.Уже второй раз надо менять гнездо зарядки!

  • Sir,

       My mobile phones charging socket have a technical problem. that is not working properly.So I want solve all Office work is suffering by this problem.

    With regard,

      Nokia user

  • I also have the same charging port issue problem. I bought 2 nokia 6.1 plus phone and after 6 months they are exhibiting the same problem. There is no response from Nokia and myself regret buying Nokia phones

  • There is no problem in device or charging Port but problem in USB cable please change proplem solve

  • Bonjour, en lisant vos commentaires, je me rends compte qu'on a tous le même problème au niveau du circuit de charge. C'est vraiment dommage que Nokia soit tombé si bas. Je ne sais plus quoi faire. Le problème de charge revient de façon récurrente après même avoir fait réparer.

  • I am facing the same charging port problem on 6.1 plus, can someone help me in tackling this?

  • Same issue! i was go to official store and have not any help!!! damn! 😣😤🤧🤬🤬

  • I'm facing that too with charging port problem and had to replace the charging port, but charging port is still loose. So I mod the cable, you can see it here

    Hope that help