(Image) (Image) (Image) (Image) (Image) (Image) @HMDLaura this are the important thing missing from new featured phones.


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@HMDLaura this are the important thing missing from new featured phones.

Nokia 216

Software version V60 .02.11

Released on 27-5-19

Code name :RM 1187

Owned by Nokia (HMD)

Nokia C1-01

Software version V.04.40

Released on 23-02-11

Code name :RM 607

Owned by :Nokia ( original)

As I can see that new os running 216 make very hard to use for old people age above 40

Nokia 216

This is how they act. Open app > video player> 3 options available 1 captured 2 received 3 collected

If selected captured you see list of videos . But if going play you can't skip to next or go previous one. You have to start the procedures again.

Nokia C1-01

Open apps Music player > on the bottom you can see Full videos list and you can play next or previous one with out starting again

Nokia 216

Gallery apps issue

This is the Order they work

Gallery >captured or received images and> open

Nokia C1-01

Gallery app> images > done

Nokia C1- 01

Have a good gallery app and file manager advanced than today Os that run Nokia 216

In Nokia C1 -01 everything thing in one place In file manager

Everything have there space and division what today OS missing.

I still don't understand why HMD doing this or they forgotten. Making another app for video why just try to brig them in a one place like C1 -01 did everything in a one application. I am requesting my friend@madbilly to join me this Discussion and get everyone attention


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    Hi @JAVA,

    You make some very good points there, it's clear that the newer non-touchscreen phones from HMD/Nokia are not always better than the older ones. It would be good if the software developers for S30+ could use some of the apps on older Nokia phones to see how they work and if they can improve current apps from this.

    Cheers 🙂

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    Thanks for showing interest.

    @madbilly that's why I am not giving up. Be with. New os only have name as new but they never a match for Symbian OS or near them . Well @HMDLaura as a developer please take this as a important Discussion key to a new . Featured phone world

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