#ShotOnNokia - Abstract Challenge

Hi all,

@HMDLaura's been really busy recently so may have overlooked posting this new #ShotOnNokia challenge here on the forums... so I'm doing it instead! 😃 It's been announced on twitter for a few days and I'm sure that HMDLaura will be along soon to sink my post and replace it with an official one 😉 Either that or @jumble121 will be along to scratch out this post! 🤣

Click flash 📸 You don’t need to travel far to take amazing shots. Take part in our home photography challenge series, kicking it off with #AbstractChallenge and join us as we journey through our homes together. #ShotOnNokia

 There's also mention of someone called red_karim whose account has been suspended, I've no idea who they are, why HMD are tagging them or why they're suspended though. 😮

So, post your abstract photography creations here! 🗿

Cheers 😃