[Merged]Nokia 7.2 shutdown during charging



  • Yes the problem is there also when I have the update android 10 it's not every time it's once to 2 a 3 monds when it happened.

  • Same here. My Nokia 7.2 sometimes does shutdown during charging at night. Result: No clock alarm in de morning... Battery health is OK according to My Phone app (by HMD Gobal). This happens with Android 9 & 10.

    Is there allready an answer on this case from Nokia/HMD in this Community? It seems there are a lot of same issues with this problem.

  • andigruber02
    andigruber02 ✭✭✭✭

    In my Case, the shutdown only appears when i activate the Alarm in the clock App, independently of charging or not, so now i try a different clock App, let's Take a Look If this works...

  • Jocke.Sve
    Jocke.Sve ✭✭✭

    In Jan I got new circuit board and shutdowns ended.

    After A10 update it happened twice again... 🤬

    I'll try another alarm clock to see if it has any effect.

    TY for tips! 👍

  • The 7.2 is my 4th HMD unit (6,6.1,8Sirocco). Now unfortunately the same problem here. A mobile device should above all be one: Reliable. So the device is practically useless for me :(

  • Niek
    Niek ✭✭

    For me it's solved since using a one amp charger instead of the 2A charger that comes with the phone. At night it doesn't matter it takes longer to fully charge.

  • Jocke.Sve
    Jocke.Sve ✭✭✭

    Try disabling built in alarm clock (see few posts above) and install a third party one ( I'm using 'Alarm Clock Beyond' for example).

    After change, no shutdown issues regardless of charger...

  • Niek
    Niek ✭✭

    Nope, it happened again. This is really stupido :-D

  • Agrajag
    Agrajag ✭✭

    I'm having this same problem. I got this phone about 2 weeks ago and it has happened twice. I leave the phone to charge overnight and wake up having missed the alarm and the phone is off. Extremely frustrating!

    Can anyone confirm that using a different alarm app really fixes it? It seems unlikely that an app is the cause of this issue?

    Has anyone heard from Nokia regarding this issue?

  • Jocke.Sve
    Jocke.Sve ✭✭✭

    Nokia (Sweden) *should* be informed as they replaced mainboard on my 7.2 due to intermittent shutdowns during charging.

    After repair the phone has been quite stable until it recently happened few times again.

    After replacing alarm clock with another one it's been rock solid.

    The easiest way to find out is to just disable all alarms in the built in cluck and use one of the high rated ones in Play Store.

  • Niek
    Niek ✭✭

    Disabling adaptive battery in android 10 seems to work or at least improve matters. It' s been more than a week since disabled.

  • Very poor from Nokia that this is not fixed yet. Same problem here for the last 2 nights

  • Happening to me too since last update. Will try the workarounds talked about here - third party alarm app, switch off adaptive battery.

  • I got my motherboard changed due to this issue. It was fine for about a month. But today I woke up the issue was back. Phone had turned off. Missed the morning alarm. My advice is never buy Nokia again. Phone looks premium. But apparently had many hardware fails.

  • Jocke.Sve
    Jocke.Sve ✭✭✭

    I know it might sound strange or somewhat random luck but by changing alarm clock has not turned of once (knock on wood!).

    I had very little hope when tried, but had nothing to loose (MB already replaced on warranty but only a short time help).

  • I've experienced my phone shutting off about 6-7 times now in the last three or four weeks and I have NEVER used the alarm clock...

  • Jocke.Sve
    Jocke.Sve ✭✭✭
    edited July 2020

    As said, it can be pure coincidence but I haven't had any shutdowns after change of clock... Using alarm 5 times/week, phone in charger every night.

  • akkabc
    akkabc ✭✭

    Same problem here. Quite regular shutting down, 2-3 times a week. Maybe once when I took it out of charger as well.

    Mine is 3 weeks old, so maybe HW issue. I had solid 1 week with it, then it got latest update, and the shutdowns started. I will drop it to services nevertheless.

    Unfortunately, I cannot depend on this with this frequent shutdowns.

    My previous Nokia 6 was pretty much rock solid and clean Android is best, so I wish they can sort this out.

  • Niek
    Niek ✭✭

    I tried all kinds of settings, until I finally decided to drain the battery completely and then charge it again. It's been almost two months now and the sudden shutdowns do not happen anymore.

  • I'll give that a try, and I'll try to report the results.

    The alarm clock app does not seem to affect things on my phone.

    Once my ringtone got corrupted until rebooted, so it might be that my unit is just faulty.

    But if draining doesn't fix it, unfortunate service time it is. Nokia 6 was great, but it feels a bit underwhelming after using 7.2 for a while - except for the shutdowns.

  • I have the same problem. I miss the time when Nokia devices sound the alarm even if they were turned off, It turn on just to sound the alarm...

  • I have same issue and occured several times to me. This is not acceptable and iz looks like generic fault. This is brand new phone and has to be stable and reliable. Who can be charged when we late in the morning to job, because of alarm issue ? ! HMD or Nokia ??? Come on this is ridiculous !!!!

  • 7.2 shuts down and tries to reboot at night, so missing my alarm often. @Nokia what should I do? :(

  • My nokia 7.2 only 2-3 months old or so just shutdown at midnight at 14% battery left alarm did not go off then while charging turned off around 98%, wtf is this.......... i need reliable phone for covid 19 app stop putting my life in danger......... how is a common issue like this not even fixed by now.

  • Niek
    Niek ✭✭

    I sent it in for repair after a year. It just kept shutting down at unexpected and irregular intervals. This has to be a hardware issue.

  • Niek
    Niek ✭✭

    They replaced the usb-c connector and so far so good.

  • Niek
    Niek ✭✭

    A few months later. The charging issue is still solved, but it still doesn't connect properly. If the phone moves while charging you can see it disconnect en reconnect. It is remarkable.

    This phone I do not consider cheap, but this usb port issue is it's Achilles heel and makes me wonder if the next phone will be Nokia.

    Probably not, now they stopped the monthly updates due to issues with deploying Android 11.

    Come on Nokia! Your competition still patches three year old phones with Android 9. And patching for four years should be normal and nothing special.

    Like someone else noted, you have become much like Motorola. Good intensions, but failure to maintain a good brand.