Nokia 7.2 gets Android 10 update

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HMD Global has announced the start of the rollout of the Android 10 update for the Nokia 7.2. This phone was released last September, running Android 9 Pie.

Although it, like most other Nokias, is part of the Android One program, which in theory should ensure quick Android OS upgrades, obviously that's not working out as it should. Android 10 has already been out for more than six months at this point, and countless other handsets that aren't part of Android One have been updated to this version.

Anyway, let's call it "better late than never". HMD's rollouts have apparently been delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and yet the company only announced the issues earlier this month.

The Android 10 update for the Nokia 7.2 has the software version 2.250, and since this is a nearly stock build, you pretty much get everything Google packed into Android 10 last year. The system-wide dark theme, Smart reply, full screen gesture navigation, additional controls for privacy and location, that sort of thing. You'll also have the March 2020 security patch.

As usual the rollout is staged, so it might take a few days for your particular Nokia 7.2 unit to hit you wth the update notification. In the meantime, if you're the impatient type, you could just go to Settings and manually check. Can't hurt to try.


  • Already users are installed this upgrade in most of the regions and posting the issue so far

    So it's not necessary to paste the same what Nokia mobile care generally says to user.

    Hope you installed the latest version and enjoying the latest features

  • Recently updated my Nokia 7.2 and I am unhappy with this update. Ruined my experience with this phone. Battery drains faster takes longer to charge. Unresponsive touch screen. Display show's colour of previous apps used at background. Nokia better roll out another update and should fix this.

  • Stape
    Stape ✭✭

    One of my worst Android experiences so far with this phone, I hate apple and all they stand for but I'm being pushed that way :(

    I moved from a Nokia 8 to a 7.2 and this phone/operating system is either buggy, laggy or unresponsive. Quite often I press the back button, I even see the button animation confirming I've pressed it but it often does nothing or its delayed but then other times it works. Most other things seem fine like switching apps or loading games so I'm not so sure it's just lag.

    Then the recents "button" swipe up/junk idea is so so so (yes 3) annoying! I'm in the middle of a game with an on screen joystick, next thing I'm shrinking my game or switching to a completely different app. Can't seem to disable this at all, can only find info on disabling it on Samsung phones.

    Lastly, I know it's not really operating system but we need a feature in the operating system to disable or re-map the personal assistant button on the 7.2. The number of times I catch that button...I'm actually considering super glue.

  • I'm still running Android 9 and I can disable the Google button in the gesture settings don't know about Android 10 I still haven't received it

  • It's been close to three weeks and I still don't have it. Africa, like nobody cares about this region. Hmm