Nokia 4.2, Android 10, Bugs.

It's almost week since first wave of android 10 update was started, and a lot's of countries just received it.

Although Nokia is "Finish",and Europe is as always omitted in opposite to some kind of countries, and it's my last phone under of HMD Global development (it's not even a 15% of old Nokia quality of service, which were for example at least on service center in every even small city in Poland), I'm considering update to android 10 - or stay with 9.

Can you write down all problems, bugs You did noticed since update to android 10?

I saw already

Battery problems (heating, connecting to any kind of data transfer is increasing it,

Connection problems - where applicable VoLTE and VoWiFi problems

Connection problems - poor quality of voice call on 5G/4G networks (which is funny, cause Nokia 4.2 is typical 4G phone, but whatever.

Fingerprint is working? Or camera app? What about space on internal storage of device?

Write it down please.




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    17 views of post, and no reply?

    Is it just unproblematic update or what?


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    What I observed after the update:

    • google play system update, google chrome, android system webview are always unable to update
    • dark theme just okay, not full
    • battery drop quite faster than before (likely a classic problem after major upgrade, full reset could fix this)
    • heating (another classic problem)
    • inconsistent brightness if adaptive brightness enabled

    Little diet on storage, got 2gb internal free after update. No problems so far in fingerprint and camera. Can't say about cellular connection problem because 4.2 is my secondary phone and I always connect it to Wi-Fi.

  • As of now there are no major bugs whatsoever. As far as heating issue is concerned, its not that noticeable but it's pretty common after every update. Did not see any significant battery drain as of now. No cellular network problems either. Voice quality is the same as before. VoLTE and VoWiFi are working fine as well (at least in my country). However, I feel the mobile data works faster now with a better coverage. There's a noticeable lag while upgrading to Android 10 but it's fine now. The UI is smooth without any lags as of now. Gesture navigation is working smoothly without any noticeable lag. The update is quite small (1.38gb)...doesn't take much space. The internal storage however didnt increase after the update. Fingerprint unlock is working fine and face unlock is a bit faster now. As someone said about inconsistent brightness if adaptive brightness is enabled, it was the case before upgrading as well, so not a big deal. I compared the dark theme of 4.2 with Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 6.1 plus and found absolutely no difference. Notification light also works fine. Camera app opens without lag. Haven't tested the camera after upgrade but there are no new major changes to the camera app.

    Overall, I did not find many bugs yet. Small bugs and heating issues are common. You can safely upgrade without worries. 💪👍️

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    Camera app is the biggest joke of HMD, it never gets any update even if there are a plethora of bugs and still people buy the phones, expecting something will happen. I am using their phones since release (2017) and nothing has happened till today.. Only useless monthly security updates which has got no value.

  • My face unlock no longer works but idk if that's because I'm not in the approved region but I used the VPN trick to get it quicker, also idk if it's my phone's hardware but pretty much every day my phone will randomly reject my SIM card until I reboot it but this was also present on Android pie for me

  • On Android 9, while charging my Nokia 4.2, I have the option of the screen displaying time, battery % and notifications while keeping the power key light off or vice versa, but it's now gone on Android 10, only constantly lighting of the power key light is available. Any info on how to get this

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    Dark theme is full of inconsistencies, the highlight color chosen by the dark theme is not the correct blue color and some settings pages show the correct blue instead of the theme one (and the correct blue colour is not available in the developer options so no way around this). Also the google main screen search bar always shows dark background when on standard dark themes has a white background (heck, even the settings shows white but then appears as black!). The nokia 2.2 dark theme is way better implemented than on nokia 4.2.

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    Yup. I've noticed those problems with dark theme. I still do not know how it is possible, that that theme consumes more battery on non-amoled screens, but it doesn't matter.

    The most problematic thing is of course battery usage.

    Even with changed settings of location, battery - optymised apps, cleared from previous system app of Device Health Services and Device Personalization Services it still drainage battery - few percent for few minutes of Wi-Fi and facebook app...

    It should not drain so much - although there's a major bug somewhere in Adaptive Battery apk.

    Well, i've spent few hours trying to figure out that the **** is going on. I guess, there's may be problem with that AI implementation on A10.

    Anyway - i did't noticed some other major problems.

    Heating up with network usage, battery drain and that darkt heme. I thought they will provide 3-button gesture at bottom drawer. There's no such a feature.

  • There are not a lot of bugs I've discovered yet, I've only been using the Android 10 update for less than 24 hours.

    There's a significant improvement in performance and animations are much smoother.

    One of the things really bothering me are silly UI mistakes.

    Things like misalignment of text in the notification bar. Look at how dangerously close the topmost row of text are to the edges.

    It's totally out of alignment with the whole panel. I believe a little code edit will fix that.

    The same misalignment issue is in the recent apps bottom bar.

    Look at how the bottom row of icons for the recent apps are so off-center and distant from the search bar.

    I believe these are small issues that can be fixed and packaged with the next update.

    And please if you have these issues too, please support this comment. And if you don't, let me know. Perhaps it's a local error that may require me to reset my device.

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    It's mostly about luncher.

    I do not use stock android luncher. I dont like it.

    I use Evie luncher instead - I'm used to much more comfortable settings of luncher - size of icons, labels of it, folder containing icons size of icons on app list and etc etc.

    There are more problematic issues - as when you restart your device, or do Off->On, battery stats are resetting - how possibly addaptive batery can do the job with not full info about usage?

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    The disabled mobile data icon is messed up:

    And my localized android version (Portugal) shows extra cryptic information next-right to the edit settings:

  • I have the TA-1150 and have updated to Android 10 (build number 00WW_2_290) and I have done a factory reset after updating to Android 10. There is now a problem with the microphone when making phone calls.

    The other person is unable to hear me when I make the call, but when someone else calls me it appears to work. Please look into ASAP @HMDLaura

  • I can't update Chrome app after a hard reset of software

    It stuck at installing, no further step or option

    Also could Chrome (v 81.0.4044.111) be about 6.9Mb??

    Am I the only one who faced this issue??

  • That cryptic data you noticed is the Android Build ID used for the device, that will be displayed only when you may turned on the Developer Options.

  • Yes after Android 10 ,chrome size gets stripped down to 7MB,it's happened due to new implementation by google where chrome will only serve as browser and rest will be looked after by Android System WebView

    Note that while chrome shows only 7MB but when you tap on update/install ,just swipe down for notification and there you can clearly that it's downloading almost original file size and then this 7MB update but overall it will not affect your storage intake

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    Factory reset will do the job.

    Although all battery section is full of bugs.

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    In every problem with downloading apps from google play store, try to clear in system/apps memory and caches of Google Play Store and Downoad Manager.

    Sometimes restart will do the job, or simply - try to change source of network -> WiFi to cellular and in reverse.

  • Hey @Love Adeola! While you glide through the recent tabs, you'll find out it's somewhat like a cascade animation. It's not a problem from their end. Just glide through the tabs and see whats really happening at bottom of the recent tabs. Trust me! You'll get it.

  • Out going call is not connect and incoming call is same.need to do restart phone but after 3 or 4 hrs phone move same poblem again.

  • Since last 2 week i am using android 10 update in nokia 4.2 and this actually very laggy and there is lots of bugs. The major issue which i face is apps crashing and closed anytime while using it. if anyone use 3d touch fetaure in which we have to press&hold icon for the option then you see the bugs there, specially in app drawer when swipe gesture is enabled, in 2 button gesture there is not any problem. There is small animations problems are also there. I thought that nokia fixes the bugs in next update but tomorrow they released securuty patch update of april but not fixes the bugs .

    I have a question for u guys is it possible to rollback in android 9 by visiting the service centre ? Is it possible then plz let me know

  • Android 10 downloaded automatically last night. Restarted my phone this morning and it's not recognizing my SD card. I've tried another restart and then taking it out and putting it back in but no success.

    Please help!


  • On android 9 we had just the option to enable or disable the google assistant, now on android 10 and when enabled, there is an extra double click option available. Now, I was expecting that by enabling both, the left button would only trigger the assistant with a double click (like the power button for camera - something very welcome since the damn assistant keeps enabling itself, I had to disable it) but it seems this double click option does nothing?

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    Me too,sometimes mic not work sometimes Data not work it 4G but it's not work. Very bored. Wait next update. Nokia please read us comments.

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    There's a problem with connection via phone app - it's laggy, there's a **** situation with end of call - after ending, on upper panel it shows that call is still active.

    Also while calling, I can easily mute connection - by my cheek and etc etc - proximity sensor while calling is not blocking screen properly.

    Also after ending conversation, I must wait for unfreezing screen - or push unlock button to end call.

    Drain of the battery is made by badly implemented Android Web View - all the apps using it, are shown in battery stats as battery esters (30 Mon of use = 20% of battery)

    @HMDLaura - People, please, do something with it!

    I understand Covid situation in China, I understand problems with workers, and delays, but this update is just simply taking our devices on insanity border...

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    Hi all,

    I'm having a couple of issues that were noticeable straight away after the update.

    I had my phone plugged in to charge during the update (as most do), and found that after the update I wasn't able to type properly on the keyboard - just like if the screen was wet, or something was touching other parts of the screen at the same time. The wrong keys were being pressed, and it would swipe across the keyboard as if I was doing gesture handwriting (or whatever the feature is called! lol). But I found that when I unplugged the charger cable the behavior stopped instantly and I was able to type properly again.

    I also have issue with my wired headphones - again, I was using them fine just before the update, but unplugged them during the update. However, straight after the update (after I figured out the workaround with the keyboard issue!) I plugged in the headphones and every so often (either straight way, or every few seconds to 10 seconds) the volume would force itself down - as if the volume button was stuck down. It would also flicker on/off mute at the same time... so a real visual nightmare on the right-hand side of the screen! The headphones are some cheap 'Vogek' model headphones, without any volume control on them (but it does have a mic). But they worked fine minutes before the update. I tried a pair of other headphones that don't have any volume/mic either, and they worked fine. I tried my ones in other devices - no problems. You'd think it was an issue with the headphones, but it seems more like a compatibility issue, perhaps? (I've Googled around and other device owners have had similar issue after updating to Android 10).

    Anyone else had similar issues, or found any workarounds?


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    Phone: Nokia 4.2 (TA-1133)

    Android 10, Security Patch (April 5, 2020), Kernal Version 4.9.186-perf+, Build Number 00WW_2_290_SP01

    The update came down, and was successful for me. Everything worked fine. But I decided to "Factory Reset", just to start fresh and clean out the crud of old installs, and not install apps that I rarely use.

    The reset went well. I did not choose to restore, for one: I wanted to install the apps fresh, and wanted fresh O/S settings and second: I didn't have backup turned on previously.

    The BIG issue after the reset is Bluetooth Phone Calls. None of the Bluetooth devices that I use with Phone call capability work anymore. My car (bluetooth stutters on/off while paired and "Phone Calls" enabled) and can't download my contacts. My computer just won't allow me to do phone calls anymore. They worked fine after the update.

    Oddly enough, "Media audio" still works (better than Android 9).

    Things I have tried:

    Reset the phone several times and repair my Bluetooth devices prior to installing any apps to no avail.

    Booted in Safe Mode, still does not work.

    Settings, Advance, Reset Options, Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth. Nope.

    Turn off Bluetooth, then: Settings, Apps & notifications, see all apps, Show System: and have Force Stopped/Clear Storage for: Bluetooth, Bluetooth MIDI, org,codeaurora.bluetooth. Nadda, nope, no fix.

    Enable Developer Mode: Tried ALL the various options marked as Bluetooth (this took a long time to go through the options. not sure I actually made all the permutations). One setting "Disable Bluetooth A2DP hardware offload" is unavailable (grayed out) to toggle on/off.

    I did chat with Nokia Support, they did confirm that it is a known issue. But I'm still wondering if anyone else has run into this, and maybe they found a fix? Because I'm somewhat dead in the water with using my phone with my devices.