Nokia Sirocco vibration issue after android 10 update

All of the sudden vibration stopped working don't know why some new bug please help me out with this issue!


  • Its strange to hear .

    Do check the haptic feedback is kept on in the settings .

    If the problems exist do a soft reset by just pressing the power on key and volume down button for 15 seconds at first pressing this takes a screenshot don't release the keys untill the screen goes off and turns on .

    If this method is not suited then safe boot ur device by press and hold the power key and then press the shutdown popup simultaneously shows the popup safe boot ur device .

    This steps could rectify ur problem :)

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    Did the above steps solve your problem?

  • Yes, I've come across by just turning off the battery saver mode on and again off it'll solve the issue!

  • Yes, I've come across by just turning off the battery saver mode on and again off it'll solve the issue!

  • I have this problem too. Why Nokia launched A10 with these issues?

    Vibration, WiFi range, screen freezing, ...

    Anyone in the company did any check before launching A10?

    I am sorry for them

  • Hello all. I downloaded yesterday, 29.04.2020 update to Nokia 8 Sirocco. The update, apart from the black theme, does not bring anything positive, on the contrary there is no face recognition anymore, the wifi signal is lowered and this significantly lacks the shape settings of the icons (only from the programmer's position). After one day contact with the Nokia department. Answer: phone for repair or wait for the next update. In my opinion, the update has brought more losses as benefits in the forums loudly, please read before someone decides because at the moment it is not worth it. A lot of buzz around 10 that just harmed Noki 8 sirocco. Nokia has not spoken about it today which is strange they released a total HMD sell in the form of A10. Noki's technical support is not able to do anything. Total failure should be possible 9 Pie, unfortunately irreversible process.

  • My Nokia Sirocco Overheating after update to Android 10. Please give a solution for this issues..

    How to go back to old update?

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    Ok, here is your anwser!

    Step 1: Stop posting in a topic with a different subject

    Step 2: Search this forum and see you are not the only one

    Step 3: Get your anwser, contact support and pray to a God of your choice you talk to someone @ hmd who knows what they are talking about.