Make gaming phone for India

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Now a days we saw that the India have a large gaming community everyone buy a smartphone for pubg gaming. So we requested to hmd global that release a gaming phone like IQOO3 OR REALME S50 PRO . We love nokia but also pubg game so please try to release a gaming phone for India .



  • I see no point in gaming phones. If you want powerful phone, wait for new Nokia 9, if it will get released. If you want your phone to look cool, get some phone case.

  • MdSadique
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    I agree with u gaming is very popular nowadays and a nokia gaming phone will definitely grab attention 👍

  • singhnsk
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    Yeah mobile gaming is picking up. For many, their smartphone is their primary digital experience. Gaming is becoming an integral part of it and a lot of consumers do look at the gaming capabilities or a product before buying it. For a phone to be a gamer friendly, it needs to have a more powerful chip, along with a bigger battery. And Nokia has none in its portfolio right now.

    Even though a global gaming series from Nokia is needed, even without that, I think that India itself is becoming a big enough market that Nokia can make some exclusive products for India which are more balanced when it comes to specifications versus the price. The Indian team should think of it and start developing products catering to the region.

  • Think for everyone bro. Not limit to India. We are humans too. 😉

  • Reeeeeeeeeeee
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    For example, Rog phone 2, black shark 3, lenovo legion (upcoming phone). Nokia should make whole different gaming series phone lineup. Phones with back rgb lighting logo and customisable UI.

  • San.Phu
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    Yes Nokia should adopt early adoptions of technologies asap to gain customer market and trust of android users.

  • Yes indeed, Phones specifically designed for gaming and that too from brand like Nokia will catch attention and definitely sell millions of it in its pre booking itself.

    I would really like to see Nokia branded version of mobile gaming device exactly like "MOQI i7S". Maybe Nokia could name it n-gage qd 2021.😍 with optimized gaming experience by collaboration up with game development companies.

    Already feeling nostalgic 😌