Android 10 and Google Camera on Sirocco

After Android 10 update, I tried several versions of GCam, but camera crashes on boot. Did anyone find a working version?

Android 10 and Google Camera on Sirocco

alemar73 alemar73
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After Android 10 update, I tried several versions of GCam, but camera crashes on boot.

Did anyone find a working version?


  • MacGyver1985 MacGyver1985
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    On Android 9, the version for the 7+ also worked on the Sirocco. The standard camera app is really bad. Portrait mode is rubbish and the overall quality of foto's is sub standard. The camera module used in the Sirocco is not bad, it just can't perform at it's full potential. This is because of badly optimised drivers. If the drivers are tweaked and and Gcam is functional, then we've got a great camera in a, in my eyes perfect phone.

  • ArkBrea ArkBrea
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    they need to update gcam to android 10 sirocco

  • Kunalverma Kunalverma
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    Gcam not supported after update android 10. And stock camera very bad. What is the solution...?

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    This camera go apk works but it's not as good as gcam

  • GCamGo works, but not with HDR

  • alemar73 alemar73
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    Camera Go is worse than Nokia stock camera too, especially in Pro mode.

    Hoping in a new working version of the real GCam for our Sirocco... (I tried other versions, and the only one that doesn't crash on boot is Cstark's first porting, but without it's useless...).

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    Could you share a link to that?

    Additionally, we should raise some request in xda developers website to get a gcam version for us

  • alemar73 alemar73
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    Here it is:

    However, HDR+ doesn't work. I think that Nokia Camera, in manual "PRO" mode, can do better photos (adjusting ISO and shutter speed).

  • Any news about GCam?

  • golialive golialive
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    Hey there!

    The overall problem: Gcam ports either crash on boot (most of them) or have no still image but only video (only some of them).

    I -- kind of -- managed to getgcam 6.1 working on my Nokia 8 sirocco on Android 10.

    I didn't make any modifications to my phone or to any available gcam mod.

    It doesn't work entirely, there are some things going black screen. But as for the parts that do work: I like them in gcam better than in Nokias default camera.

    I did utilize two different apps: 

    1. KillerCam from raznoptid

    2. Advanced 1.6 from Fu24

    In the end only the Advanced 1.6 remains installed. The KillerCam gets removed in the process.

    Here's what I did:

    * Download "KillerCam V1.5 6.1.021" from raznoptid.

      That one:

    * Install KillerCam

    * Go to app details of KillerCam

    * Force stop the app KillerCam

    * Clear all app data for KillerCam

    * Start KillerCam

    * Confirm access to location, storage and whatever

    * Download "Gcam 6.1.021 Advanced" from "Fu24"

      That one:

    * Install Fu24s 1.6


    I noticed:

    * As soon as I enable "raw" in Fu24s Advanced 1.6, the app crashes on boot just like most of the other mods do.

    * As soon as I "clear all data" for Fu24s app, it crashes on boot just like most other mods do.

    Those exact steps can be reproduced multple times. Starting with the Fu24 app does not work, I always need to cycle through the KillerCam.

    I guess it's something along the lines of:

    * Almost every Gcam mod comes with "raw=enabled"

    * That's what "KillerCam" does differently, it comes with "raw=disabled".

    * If you install KillerCam, reset data and start it, "raw" gets set to disabled as per its defaults.

    * If you then install another camera with the same app signature (which Fu24s 1.6 is), then you keep the "raw=disabled" setting.

    * Now you have the Fu24 with "raw=disabled", although its default would be "raw=enabled".

    Drawbacks of this:

    * Night sight does not work: Black screen. I don't care, haven't used that a lot.

    * Slow motion does not work: App crashes. I don't care, have never used this one at all.

    * Portait does not work: Black screen. That's a shame, I do like portrait and used it quite often.


    There might be something fishy with the RAW support of the current Android 10 build.



  • Camera apps from the Play Store that were still able to use RAW format on Android 9 can no longer do so. Really sad what HMD delivers here with Android 10. I hope that the Xiaomi Mi 10 lite will be on the market soon.

  • ElZoido ElZoido
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    @golialive :

    Thanks for the testing! I had tried various builds yesterday, but to no avail.

    So there's probably an issue with raw data from the camera in the current build. Let's hope they fix it in future builds.

  • what major updates? look at the past few months. Security updates only, no improvements. Nokia does not have enough employees to take care of the number of mobile phones. Neither do employees in support.

  • ElZoido ElZoido
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    Who's talking of major updates? I'm talking of bugfixes, which have been released before.

    I don't quite understand why you expected frequent major updates anyway. Android one guarantees security updates for a fixed time, bugfixes and ~2 updates to the next major android version. Expecting anything else than short-term (full) support in this day and age of fast-Fashion (android) smartphones is naive. Mind, I don't like that, but it's pretty much the status quo, to which Android One is already a rather positive exception.

    If you are looking for something android-based offering constant long-term updates, look for a smartphone that allows you to flash e.g. lineageos and keep your fingers crossed that there's an active community behind the specific port who keeps the updates coming. It will not necessarily be optimized to every last of your phone's features, but it helped me to keep my old S4 mini in use for many years.

  • bugfixes are important updates and nothing has happened for the past few months.


  • ElZoido ElZoido
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    How many bugs did you have, though? I didn't notice anything significant.

    A few very minor things, but I'm not even sure whether they are Android bugs rather than Nokia's responsibility.

  • with Android 9 everything was ok so far, but A10 for the Nokia 8 Sirocco is crap WLAN is Bad, Ghost Motivation, No more RAW Support) . And yes, I expect that in this price range a cell phone will get new functions from the manufacturer. But I have to see how cheaper Nokia phones get a better camera app (the camera hardware of the Sirocco is not bad, only the app is ****) and also get VoLTE. But let's leave that now, there are more important things in life

  • Kapor Kapor
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    This is a bad update.

    The camera now doesn't support RAW and because of that gcam can't work nor can we use Lightroom and shot raw files to edit them.

    I can't believe that sirocco, first premium hmd phone, received such a bad Android 10 this late, almost a year after Google released it. I mean what is the point of a premium device then?! We where better off buying some cheaper midrange phone, even Nokia 7 plus received sooner and better Android 10...

    No use dwelling here, they obviously don't care. From now on my money goes to true flagship phones made by a reputable brand.

  • emquadrat emquadrat
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    Without RAW support, you can forget about every GCam.

    Why on earth would they do this? This is a serious reason to not upgrade your phone.

  • Are You sure Is no more supports RAW?

  • emquadrat emquadrat
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    Someone on xda Developers said that, too. HAL3 is not enabled, so no RAW and no GCam.

  • giuseppe barbieri giuseppe barbieri
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    It's possibile to make a downgrade to Pie?

  • valyo_bg valyo_bg
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    Here is the solution for GCam without HDR and Raw support. Just tried and work without problems :

  • Kapor Kapor
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    It better to install GcamGo

    This doesn't have working portrait, HDR+ and night shot.

  • GCam without HDR Is the same of Nokia Camera stock.

  • SpartanSaurabh SpartanSaurabh
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    Isn't there any other gCam mod which has RAW mode disabled by default ? I checked on Nokia 6.1 plus and Nokia 7.2, both have Raw mode enabled even after Android 10. Only Sirocco is struggling. Not sure why has this been done like this.

  • ElZoido ElZoido
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    It might just be a simple bug...

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