Very very very slow charging

Muvi ✭✭

This is really frustrating. Battery is already in 53% and it shows 15 hrs to charge. Is there someone who face this problem?



  • Ujwal
    Ujwal ✭✭

    For it was a cable problem. Change the cable and check

  • Jocke.Sve
    Jocke.Sve ✭✭✭

    Yepp, that seems to be either faulty cable and/or charger.

    Of course in worst case it might be faulty battery but You really should try with other charger/cable combinations to eliminate those.

  • Algo check if there is an application using to much power.

  • I think your phones battery needs to be calibrated .. there is a discussion here where a guy was facing same problem.. and he calibrated his batter. Check older posts.

  • I haven't had the problem, but worth to check the post in "7.2 Dual SIM - Android 10 users - Page 2", from @Bharath KB

  • Bharath KB
    Bharath KB ✭✭✭

    @ozgurkinaci Thanks buddy for mentioning the post .

    Hope it will be usefull to them : )

  • Muvi
    Muvi ✭✭

    Thanks for all your responses.

    I don't know what the problem is sometimes it is charging slowly and sometimes at normal rate.

    I tried charging with different adapter of same power rating (10W), it charged at normal rate than 3+hr.

    Anyways I think it is some software problem. I will update if this problem continues and also use this thread for the same issue on android 10.

  • Hi all,

    I have also faced the slow charging problem and found a solution. just rotate a cable 180 degree so that a metal joint in type c port will face upward direction and then insert it.

    if you want to connect to a laptop, just rotate the cable and use it

  • I turned the cable plug180 degrees. Then it went from slow charging to fast charging. I wonder why. But it worked.

    This was the first time I charged. Does anybody know whether not charging to the full and unplugging affects the whole battery life? In the past the rule was always charge to 100% otherwise battery 'memory' will go be reduced.


  • In my case cable was faulty. I changed it and now my phone charge rapidly.

  • Just make that assistant ambient display feature off. Then see magic.

  • I didn't and don't have an ambient display turned on, but since the update to Android 11, fast charging doesn't work.

  • Поменяйте кабеля и будет вам счастье

  • The most common culprit in the case of a slow charging phone is its Charging kit. It could be that your USB cable loses contact due to a weak connector or, it is worn out and no longer works optimally. The same goes for the adapter (charging head), which may have been damaged by a power surge causing it to malfunction.

  • Yes, I'm facing a similar problem with my Nokia 5.3 here is a screenshot I took the other day:

    95% Charging (38 min. until full) seriously it's got to charge only 5%!

  • Basically it might be the charging IC issue in worst case

  • Basically it might be the charging IC issue in worst case

  • Did you try restarting your phone or shut it down, then charge?

    Recently, their lates update of Android 11 on Nokia 7.2 has the bug of "No Charge". The solution is now plug-in cable then shut down, restart. It will charge. We-users have been waiting for their new updates.

  • I also used to it, i changed my adopter (my earlier used phone's) it is changing rapidly, but When use Nokia adopter, it says charging slowly.

    What to do, it is ok to use other adopter?

  • As long as You avoid the cheapest chargers on outlet bargain baskets any proper USB charger should work just fine when using good quality cables as well.

    Look for a quality charger with at least 2A output, I've been using same 2.1 & 2.5A chargers for all our tablets and phones for a couple of years now. None is from any phone manufacturer, those are still in original boxes.