Very very very slow charging

This is really frustrating. Battery is already in 53% and it shows 15 hrs to charge. Is there someone who face this problem?

Very very very slow charging

Muvi Muvi
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This is really frustrating. Battery is already in 53% and it shows 15 hrs to charge. Is there someone who face this problem?



  • Ujwal Ujwal
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    For it was a cable problem. Change the cable and check

  • Jocke.Sve Jocke.Sve
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    Yepp, that seems to be either faulty cable and/or charger.

    Of course in worst case it might be faulty battery but You really should try with other charger/cable combinations to eliminate those.

  • Algo check if there is an application using to much power.

  • Samroon Sohail Samroon Sohail
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    I think your phones battery needs to be calibrated .. there is a discussion here where a guy was facing same problem.. and he calibrated his batter. Check older posts.

  • ozgurkinaci ozgurkinaci
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    I haven't had the problem, but worth to check the post in "7.2 Dual SIM - Android 10 users - Page 2", from @Bharath KB

  • Bharath KB Bharath KB
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    @ozgurkinaci Thanks buddy for mentioning the post .

    Hope it will be usefull to them : )

  • Muvi Muvi
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    Thanks for all your responses.

    I don't know what the problem is sometimes it is charging slowly and sometimes at normal rate.

    I tried charging with different adapter of same power rating (10W), it charged at normal rate than 3+hr.

    Anyways I think it is some software problem. I will update if this problem continues and also use this thread for the same issue on android 10.

  • rajesh techgeek rajesh techgeek
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    Hi all,

    I have also faced the slow charging problem and found a solution. just rotate a cable 180 degree so that a metal joint in type c port will face upward direction and then insert it.

    if you want to connect to a laptop, just rotate the cable and use it

  • I turned the cable plug180 degrees. Then it went from slow charging to fast charging. I wonder why. But it worked.

    This was the first time I charged. Does anybody know whether not charging to the full and unplugging affects the whole battery life? In the past the rule was always charge to 100% otherwise battery 'memory' will go be reduced.


  • munnasharma munnasharma
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    In my case cable was faulty. I changed it and now my phone charge rapidly.

  • Just make that assistant ambient display feature off. Then see magic.

  • BratwurstmitSenf BratwurstmitSenf
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    I didn't and don't have an ambient display turned on, but since the update to Android 11, fast charging doesn't work.

  • user1515423887891 user1515423887891
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    Поменяйте кабеля и будет вам счастье

  • aminaabz aminaabz
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    The most common culprit in the case of a slow charging phone is its Charging kit. It could be that your USB cable loses contact due to a weak connector or, it is worn out and no longer works optimally. The same goes for the adapter (charging head), which may have been damaged by a power surge causing it to malfunction.

  • Troy Cleveland Troy Cleveland
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    Yes, I'm facing a similar problem with my Nokia 5.3 here is a screenshot I took the other day:

    95% Charging (38 min. until full) seriously it's got to charge only 5%!

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