Nokia 2.3 Software Update

Now February of 2020 is almost over and still there is no sign of a software update for the Nokia 2.3 device. Android One should receive Android software updates first and fast, the Nokia 2.3 smartphone has not got Andriod 10 update.

The Nokia 2.3 was released last December 2019 and could have come out with Android 10, but I guess Nokia wanted to give a software which worked and since the Nokia 2.3 was released just a few months after the Nokia 2.2, Nokia may have been in a rush to just put out the Nokia 2.3 smartphone.

The device I'm using is the Nokia 2.3 TA-1206, which does have some software bugs, which needs a software update for this device to perform at its best.

I guess Nokia is really making sure this new Android 10 update works without any errors and is currently listening to what problems the users are experiencing with the current version of Android Pie (Android 9) on their devices.


  • Got the Android 10 update for Nokia 2.3 on 25/Apr/2020.

    Details of the update,

    Android 10 (2.230)

    File size : 1.1GB

    Android 10 version 2.

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    Wave 2 of Android 10 for Nokia 2.3 has that been announced..???

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    I've recently bought my 2.3 so when can I expect to get android 10 in the UK???

  • Keep manually checking and if it doesn't come, try the VPN method.

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    end of may now still no update for 2.3 in uk

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    Yes, see below post from @hmd laura

    Wave 2 rollout for Nokia 2.3 Android 10 update has started! All Markets that have approved the Android 10 release that weren’t in Wave 1 will now start to receive the update - 10% by today, 50% by May 8th and 100% by May 10th.

    Please note that we can only release the update to markets that have approved the build.

    Wave 2 markets pending approvals:

    • Australia - Telestra
    • Austria - T-Mobile
    • Chile
    • Colombia - Claro, Movistar
    • Costa Rica - Claro
    • Croatia - T-Mobile
    • Czech Republic - T-Mobile, O2 CZ
    • Ecuador - Movistar
    • El Salvador - Claro
    • Guatemala - Claro
    • Honduras - Claro, Tigo
    • Netherlands - T-Mobile
    • Paraguay
    • Peru
    • Poland - T-Mobile
    • Slovakia - Slovak Telekom
    • UK - Hutchison 3G UK, EE
    • Uruguay

    As soon as approvals are received, we’ll release to you and update the above pending approvals list.

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  • I see everyone waiting for Android 10 update, But DON'T UPDATE YOUR DEVICE. The Nokia 2.3 update IS A DOWNGRADE for your device. A LOT OF FEATURES ARE MISSING from the original software version Android 9 (PIE) compared to the update of Android 10.

    I guess with all the complaints about the Nokia devices, HMD JUST TOOK AWAY THE FEATURES which caused users to complaint about the device all together.

    Example 1.

    Camera icon in the lockscreen has been taken away because of the glitch. (even if you swipe the camera icon, the icon and animation moves but the screen flashes and the camera fails to load.)

    Now with the update you HAVE TO UNLOCK THE DEVICE to open the Camera App.

    Example 2.

    The stat-up tone. The icon Nokia sound when you power on your device, can not be turned off. There is no setting to switch off this tone for some reason.

    Example 3.

    Swiping of anything. It maybe the touch swipe to unlock your phone, swipe to see notifications, swipe to get the control bar at the bottom to go back (for some reason the control bar can not be locked in place), it has got annoying to swipe for any of these tasks as the swipe using one hand does not work. It is required to use two hands for the swipe touch to get registered. One hand to hold the device and the other to swipe from one end of the screen to the other corner of the screen.

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    You are right

  • Anyone having an issue using "Wifi Direct" connecting or to transferring files or receiving files?

  • I received the SP of August in Brazil with the correction MR (00WW_2_300), apparently it solved the notification problems and crashes in the system, I'm still testing! :) 

  • What's the size?

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    Please return the toggle startup tone on/off option in sound settings as it was most helpful in quiet environments. Many Thanks. Bern


  • I hope Nokia HMD Global is working on releasing Android 11 update for Nokia 2.3 and all other Nokia Smartphones.

  • It looks like Nokia 2.3 will receive the Android 11 update around 2021 Q1

  • Will that make out good performance for Nokia 2.3

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    My Nokia 2.3 has been upgraded to Android 11 and it finally stays connected to my Car's Multimedia system for hands free mobile voice calls. SMS is ok too.

    I made no further adjustments after the upgrade, voice calls just worked without dropping the voice call. SMS would always work ok, both sending and receiving.

    With Android 10 it never worked with voice calls, only the SMS calls would work correctly.. I have had to wait almost a year to get this one fault working. Nokia Global Support was absolutely useless.