HMD Nokia smartphone and featurephone shipments/sales continue to decline

More bad news it seems. (Twitter) (Link) It feels like 2012 all over again (burning platform, anyone?) (Image)

HMD Nokia smartphone and featurephone shipments/sales continue to decline


  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Probably because identical people work in HMD too. So, they'd be plagued with their old thinking and decision process. They need some leader who can take faster decisions and make products that people want and not make products which need to forced to the enthusiasts of Nokia brand.

    If they really wanted to start well, they should have started it such that their new phone itself generates the demand more than the demand that the brand name brings. They should have used the brand name as an advantage instead of using it as their only weapon. Just imagine if they would have launched with the dedication that a new brand has along with the power of the Nokia brand. They could have very easily topped the charts.

    I guess they lost it where they started believing that they'll sell anything just because it's Nokia. It's the same brand which managed to achieve a significant market share with Windows Phone (which people say was an OS that people didn't want) and today it's on Android and still struggling. Bad execution can't be offset by having a combination of powerful brand and Android OS.

  • andigruber02 andigruber02
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    I don't want to lose Nokia again. But It seems it's only a matter of time...😭😭😭

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