Are Nokia phones doomed to fail like HTC?

Been watching ColdFusion's video lately and I can't help but notice the similarities between the two. (Youtube) The summary was really on point:

Are Nokia phones doomed to fail like HTC?

SirFaceFone SirFaceFone
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Been watching ColdFusion's video lately and I can't help but notice the similarities between the two.

The summary was really on point:

  • Weak marketing
  • Poor business moves
  • Unclear management
  • Confusing naming

I can't be the only one who thought it sounded familiar. 🤔



  • andigruber02 andigruber02
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  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    Who's the CEO at HMD? Co-founder and long-term executive at HTC smartphones.

    HTC is still at-least trying, right? If you visit malls, there are good chances that you'll find the VR system in the gaming section is powered by HTC. So, shifting focus to new possibilities is also a good decision at core at least to keep the company still functional. Compare that to remaining stuck with the initial decision and continuing to pursue it even when facts show that it is not working.

    HMD likely needs fresh faces, outsider hirings and new brains to take forward-looking decisions. I do not see any vision in HMD. Like as if them having no idea what they are gonna do next.

  • user123 user123
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    There is high possibility as @SirFaceFone said ,

    HMD actually got a successive start because of huge fanbase for the word Nokia but it seems they were unable to maintain, they were failing to Understand the customer requirement , small example for this is unavailability of Recovery Tool . people who are facing software issues need to find the customer care for the resolution/downgrade (Service center is not near for everyone). they are failing to maintain quality also..

  • AwaraLucky AwaraLucky
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    Yes, thats true, HMD global will fail,

    few reasons:

    1. Very Slow Business:- They are very slow to launch products on market, they announce a new model and it took several months to come that phone to the market, until that, other brand launch better model to the market. Nokia 7 was very much liked by Indian, but that model never launched to India. same happening with Nokia 220 4G.
    2. No Open source:- they don't release stock rom and recovery tool, few months ago my friend who purchased Nokia because of my suggestion, got phone stuck at startup, they bring phone to me. I tried my best, searching for the recovery mode and stock rom. I was ashamed in front of my friend. no I don't recommend Nokia phones to anyone, even I will not buy it again for myself.
    3. Bad Service:- Nokia service center is about more than 70km from my location. and If I contact Nokia for any small issue, they only say is, visit Nokia service center. last time my phone had charging port problem, I contacted Nokia, they said visit to service center. but many poeple here reported bad service and money loot at their service center, also service center is very far from me so I went a local mobile repair shop, and he repaired and replaced the charging port in no time and only for 250 INR, but other people reported they paid upto 1200 INR in service center.
    4. Design and OS issue: many Nokia 5.1 plus users reported charging port issue, some people say it is because of their design fault, and they are not caring for the customer. many people also report some bugs on OS.
    5. Customer's value: Nokia isn't listen to the customers, they do what they wanted to do. they are unable to understand customer's mindset and requirements of the time.

    I think there will be the main reasons for the fall of HMD Global.

  • SirFaceFone SirFaceFone
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    True on all of those. #2 is the weirdest one for me, almost all other OEMs have some sort of PC tool for their phones. HMD is the odd one without

  • SirFaceFone SirFaceFone
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    HMD seems to be branching out with hmdconnect, but who knows how successful those ventures will be. I have a hard time believing they can make a huge comeback again with the current leadership. Really disappointing.

    It seems like hiring ex-Nokia executives was more of a curse than a blessing for the company.

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    I do not see HMDconnect as anything TBH. It is something only intended for those who travel often and a bit too much. Who are these people? Company executives like the CEO, CPO themselves.

    Other than that, all of us regular users who rarely tour around will buy a local SIM card after landing to a new destination. It is cheaper and more reliable than something like HMD Connect.

    So, all in all, once again a product fitting the needs of enterprise customers and well connects with the hints Florian gave during the 8.3 announcement - the focus on enterprises. Sure yeah some of those company bosses will be interested in a bundled data deal from HMD. And yeah there can be good side income to earn from such people. Lets be generous and accept that they are trying something.

    I agree for the people though. Hiring all those who thought that it is the CEO which failed them, else it was so easy to continue running Nokia is a bad idea. Plus all of these experienced guys must have grabbed hefty slalary packages, which absolutely doesn't fit a startup. All that means that there is lesser money to spend on areas which actually need attention and manforce was certainly not one of them. Even being a startup, HMD has had so many employees with overlapping roles and responsibilities and after having so many people,who takes all of the decisions anyways? I guess we know the answer xD

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