Phone keeps lagging

My phone keeps hanging just after using it for a month and some days


  • Lawss
    Lawss ✭✭✭

    At this price point you cannot get a better phone than this. So you can expect lag here and there.

  • The same thing happening to me here, after few weeks of purchase my phone started hanging. Is there any solution at the moment please?

  • Lawss
    Lawss ✭✭✭

    Sadly there's no solution now until HMD releases a maintenance release. But no one knows when will it come

  • I would have to disagree with the comment on the price point, Redmi 8 is the same price (cheaper on so e places) but has better spec and performance, you just have to put up with miui put a small price to pay for a phone that actually works. The 2.3 is such a disappointment for me, 3 months in from ownership and I have already started using my 5 year old nexus 5x to take photos due to the annoying speed of the 2.3 - just not acceptable for a device that has main marketing point of camera and android one. The camera is ridiculously slow as are the updates!!

  • Actually, every phone that came out late 2019 and 2020 at this price point are better than Nokia 2.3 lol. Redmi 8A, Galaxy A10s, Realme C2, Realme C3 etc etc. You could say at this price point, it's the only phone with Android One. At least that's why I bought it, and regretting it so far after the Android 10 update.

  • Lawss
    Lawss ✭✭✭

    I agree with some of the view points with you all about the price and other better devices but TBH am not a fan of any Xiaomi products.

    Yes I do regret buying this phone.

  • Smitho
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    Mine lags too. It's frequently unresponsive to touches

  • Anjaiahyadav
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    I also purchased nokia 2.3 but I felt very disgusting after operating the phone since I already had redmi 8a which is 10 times more better than this phone.

    Hmd nokia should feel this and should improve their product.