Airtel VoWifi not working while Airplane Mode is turned on

After upgrading to the Android 10, Nokia 6.2 got the Airtel VoWifi feature. The feature isn't working if I turn on the Airplane Mode but I think it should work. Is it any bug or there are some settings that I need to enable or is it the service provider issue? Though the VoWifi is working fine in normal mode.



  • singhnsk
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    This is how it is designed. Please understand that VoWiFi is an extension to your standard cellular calling and not an alternative to it. Some phones are be able to leverage VoWiFi even in Flight/Airplane mode, but the list of such phones is very small. So far I've only heard of iPhones which manage to trigger VoWiFi even during the airplane mode.

    I do not think it is a big issue though hehe

  • Can you please say that in case my phone is in normal mode and if I don't have LTE network or no network at all then in that case will the VoWifi work?