HMD's sales dropping, market share disappearing 😟

Hi all, Some news out recently which is a bit disappointing and also concerning: HMD's market share is dropping, they are selling less phones.

HMD's sales dropping, market share disappearing 😟

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Hi all,

Some news out recently which is a bit disappointing and also concerning: HMD's market share is dropping, they are selling less phones. The industry is already suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic but it appears that HMD are suffering more, based on this research shared by Nokiamob:

This is the lowest quarterly feature phone sales since HMD started business and the lowest smartphone sales since they started selling globally (mid-2017). The lowest overall quarterly sales since mid-2017. They have lost market share on smartphones more than 3x the industry average, which means that COVID-19 isn't the only reason (in fact, impact from COVID-19 will probably be largest in Q2).

So what's the problem? Well, at risk of repeating what I and others have said for a few years, I think it's because their phones don't feel like Nokias. I can't imagine they get many repeat customers, because although the smartphones look nice and are robust the software does not feel like a Nokia - it doesn't look like Nokia software and it is also far from robust, primarily when OS upgrades are launched (we all know the bugs that these upgrades introduce, many of them breaking features).

So, I think HMD need to innovate in their software more. They are obviously putting a lot of resources into the camera but that is only one thing amongst many. There are many more ways they can innovate and it would be good to see some diversification from the "Pure" Android approach. I know they've launched this HMD Connect global SIM card but that's more like product diversification, it doesn't directly innovate on the phones themselves.

Of course, HMD are in a bit of a pickle with this, as their marketing is based on Pure Android and their business model is based on selling high volumes of products from a range of ODMs at a very wide range of price points. To try and innovate on software will probably require reducing the number of devices sold so they can try and maintain/improve quality of software.

What else could they do?

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    HMD Global is not able to serve product quality and service like Nokia, this is the biggest reason.

    there is a discussion in this forum, "Are Nokia phones doomed to fail like HTC?"

    I have mentioned there some points on why smartphone users are getting distracted from the Nokia.

    today most Nokia users are the people who purchased Nokia only because of their love of old Nokia, and yes you are right today's Nokia, I mean HMD doesn't feel like Nokia.

    I remember the day when Nokia released a phone but there was a problem with that phone's battery, and what Nokia did that time was, they replaced all customer's battery for free. that was the service for people who loved and trusted Nokia.

    What HMD Global doing is, there is a design fault on Nokia 5.1 plus and 6.1 plus which causing charging port problems in those phones, many customers complained, In youtube in the forum on Twitter and so many different places, but HMD is acting like the deaf. that's why people are losing their trust and love for Nokia and this will cost HMD Global a lot.

    I also got the same problem in my phone, I contacted Nokia, the only thing they said, again and again, is, "Please visit the service center." I told them no service center here, they said, "sorry then we can not help." what great customer support. I saw many people reported in this forum that they replaced their phone's charging port for 1200 rs in the Nokia service center, and I got it done only for 250 rs in the local mobile repair shop.

    a few months ago, my friend purchased the Nokia phone into my recommendations, but somehow their phone got brick, stuck at startup logo,

    I wanted to flash new Stock ROM, but what happened, I searched the whole Internet but didn't find any recovery tool or stock ROM, and we can not go to the service center because Nokia service center is about 80km far from my place. so what he did is, purchased a new Redmi phone, and what I'm doing is, now not recommending anyone Nokia phones.

    Their business is very slow, No open source no recovery tools and stock ROM available, after sell service is bad, they don't listen to their product users in this forum,

    and the latest, their lie about the Android 10 on Nokia 5.1 plus,

    these are the stuff, for why HMD global's sales dropping. I also will not buy a Nokia phone for the next time.

    A company that is unable to understand the customer's mindset and requirements of the time. always fail

  • madbilly madbilly
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    Hi @AwaraLucky,

    You make a load of great points there! 😃

    Cheers 🙂

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