[Moved] Nokia 9 camera app freezes and fails to save picture.

scottb721 ✭✭
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Anyone else having this issue ?

Seems to be reasonably regular. The preview window shows the pic taken but it doesn't save and camera buttons become unresponsive. Closing the app and relaunching gets it working again.

Phone is on Android V10.




  • Happened to me 3 times. After a reboot should work

  • Yes - happens to my device when I am processing 4 or more photos

  • Yes! This is happening more and more often. It's infuriating. I have missed many shots because of this. I tried to use 3rd party camera apps and they have the same issue so it's something in the Nokia hardware/software. Since they have apparently abandonded this phone, I'm already looking for my next one from another vendor. Shame though. I've owned every advanced Nokia camera phone since the N95!

  • nokianchetan
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    I hope clearing cache of camera app will work

  • I have the same problem.

    Beside this, the Android system is sometimes not responding and freezing and shows sometimes wrong icons like the mailbox even when there was no call.

    I am not sure if I should send it to the repair service...

  • I have the impression that EVERYONE has the same problem.

    Just have a look in the app store at the Nokia photo app installed on Nokia phones.

    If you find it at all... it says that it does not work any more for our 9 pureview (nor for my spouse's 7plus).

    There we go with our 5 cameras :-(

  • Yes, mee too, camera freezes up so there is no possibility to decide when you want to take the photo, just press button and hope the subject is still there when camera decides to take the picture. Starts from photo 2 in any session for me (saving as raw and jpg).

  • Webmonkey
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    I have freezing issues with video and both basic and pro camera mode. Hopelessly, I factory reset multiple times. It's working fine if Nokia 9PV user do not install ANY app (or possibly ones with camera access) to the phone. An official Nokia recall is needed.

  • youhippy
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    I sent my phone to Nokia to get it fixed. They 'fixed' it. A week later the phone is once again crashing and not saving photos.

  • Keith
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    I sometimes have this. Seems to be when I launch the camera with the double press of the power button. I take the picture and the camera app freezes. Have to close the camera app and all is fine.

  • Actually yes, notice it when double pressing Power button .

  • Same for me! I made a video about it...

    I made this for Juho Sarvika from Nokia... but as expected there was no answer...

  • It’s because he doesn’t want existing customers to buy another Nokia. Their strategy is to just keep finding new customers (rather than selling to loyal ones)

  • I Have exactly The same problem like in The video. And I know other too who has The same ..

    I contacted Nokia support and they are not anymore even answering after first reset this and that what eventually did not fix anything at all.

    Nokia should call Back these phones.

    Seriously 600 euros..


  • youhippy
    youhippy ✭✭✭

    Even after my phone was taken back for repairs it ended up doing the same thing a week later.

    Thankfully the Nokia 9 is out of my hands and someone else can experience the buggy system.

  • petrus
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    The same for me. I hope the update comes to that. It's a tragedy.

  • Keith
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    Checkout if better after May update. Mine seems to be 🤞

  • Now mine works fine.

  • Can't believe it looks promising.. Gonna keep testing few days...

  • Got camera, hit shoot: freezed and droid rebooted itself..

    I did all factory resets and camera tests etc. Btw camera test never passed testing.

    Sending the phone for Nokia Care..

  • Right, camera keeps freezing. For one moment i thinked Nokia finally solved the problems introduced with A10. I was wrong, they didn't solved anything.

  • After two weeks phone finally came from the Nokia Care.

    The Camera: is not even starting anymore. Only black screen and hangs the phone.

    What Care did was "Software updated".

    I don't even continue this or my feelings...

  • message from app: Can't connect to camera....

    lightroom : sorry ....

    OMG.. a camera phone specific with no working camera!!!!!


  • I have the same problem, more often than not! It's insanely frustrating as I keep missing good shots because of this. I have tried quitting the app, rebooting, updating, clearing the cache etc., but nothing seems to help. Many times I end up struggling for 20 minutes before I manage to take a single picture, which is insane! This shouldn't be like this, especially not in a camera centric phone...

  • Testing showed that for me it is a battery related issue. When the battery capacity drops below x, the camera issues start. Not yet tested x threshold. To be continued..

    Still insane Nokia does nothing...

  • Anything Nokia??????

  • This is what I find too. X might be as high as 70 or 80.

    I suspect it is a fundamental design flaw. Something inside the phone is not getting a stable power supply.

    It's a shame because the phone is otherwise very good.