WIfi antenna problem in Nokia 5.1 plus

I'm currently using nokia 5.1 plus phone and ihave problem with wifi, these problem need long explanation:

Before the problem, i was able to connect to my home wifi from a distance of 100-130 ft but now i'm unable to see the wifi name in wifi settings i.e wifi can't get wifi signal but when i go near to the router (2-4 ft) it is connected .

First i think its my router problem and i replace almost every thing and reset my phone. But problem exist.

What to do?



  • I have the same problem. after some time, it ceases to connect to the wifi router. only rebooting the phone helps, but for a while, then again the connection problem. This problem appeared after the February update.

  • Mario E
    Mario E ✭✭

    I have a similar problem. A few days ago my internet provider changed my router, Since then, every time I put the phone down for a while, the phone loses internet access; the signal keeps coming to the phone, but it stops having internet access, and it only happens to me with this phone, I have other phones and they don't have any problem with internet access. I tried resetting the network settings, but the problem continues.

  • Lawss
    Lawss ✭✭✭

    HMD are fixing it before the official release of Android 10. So please request you to have patience.

  • My Nokia 5.1 Plus has got upgraded to Android 10, however it seems the problem has still been existing.

    Where a Huawei phone can get Wi-Fi signal stably, Nokia 5.1 Plus lost the signal often, which about 5m far from Wi-Fi access point within a house.

    It looks like that Wi-Fi signal reception is weak and unstable on Nokia 5.1 Plus even after upgrading Android 10.

  • hi, i have a similar problem.

    when ever i restart my router my wont list my own wifi! so i cant connect back.

    i have to make some changes in router settings everytime i wanna connect back so my 5.1 plus would list it as available.

    this is driving me crazy, old crap phones can ezly connect back with no issue.


  • i believe i have found a permanent fix!

    for any body having any kind of wifi issues just login to ur router settings and change your security option from WPA2-PSK to WPA-PSK!


    after that if u get stuck on obtaining ip address, just forget the network and when u try to connect back go to advanced tab (in the menu that asks u for ur password to connect) and switch from DHCP to STATIC, enter the pre-written stuff ur good to go!

    no more issues!

  • You must consider that with this change you are weakening the security of your wifi

  • I am facing a problem related to my wifi weak signal. Previously it was all right, but from last month or two my wifi signal is weak but when i go close to my router it shows full signal. I thought the problem was with my router so i changed my router the problem still exists....

    Please help Nokia!!!!