Nokia 8.3 vs Nokia 9 Pureview!

With the launch of new Nokia 8.3 with the average global price of 599 euros, Why should anyone not go for Nokia 9 Pureview which is available at considerably cheaper price. Is lack of 5G support on Nokia 9 Pureview is really deal breaker considering overall package?


  • MdSadique
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    Nokia 8.3 is future proof too

  • JrRobertDowneyJr
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    Yeah. Pan-spectrum 5G support is good thing to have, no doubt. But that and battery capacity aside, Nokia 9 Pureview shines in every department. I really doubt that image quality of Nokia 8.3 will pass that of Nokia 9, even the bookehs on N9 will be better. Only thing 8.3 will be good at, in camera dept, will be zeiss effects and action mode. But they can also offer the same to Nokia 9 via Ota. Plus, Snapdragon 845 will perform decently compared to Snapdragon 765G.

  • Kartik Gada
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    Me: Add new features to old phones.

    HMD: Buy our new phone for new features.

    I have a Nokia 9 PureView, It is a good phone with a good camera. But an average consumer will be more happy with a Nokia 8.3. Nokia 9 PureView's camera is a bit slow which a normal consumer would not like at all. Also, it isn't made for an average consumer in mind or maybe it was made for them but the plan wasn't executed well.

  • madbilly
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    Hi @JrRobertDowneyJr,

    Good point, good question, especially when the 8.3 isn't available yet. Maybe the 9PV will be out of production by the time the 8.3 is released.

    Anyway, there are some points of difference:

    1. 9PV doesn't have ultra-wide angle camera
    2. Or macro camera
    3. And probably not as good low light performance
    4. Does it have 4K 60fps recording?
    5. 9PV also doesn't have uSD card support
    6. It ships with Android 9 and from what I've read the Android 10 upgrade for it is not an improvement
    7. Slow camera
    8. Slow fingerprint sensor.

    Cheers 🙂

  • singhnsk
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    In addition to @madbilly 's comment:

    Another thing, the Nokia 9 doesn't use the PixelWorks chipset for PureDisplay setup. So, it isn't doing real-time upgrading of SDR to HDR.

    The battery is bigger on the 8.2, and Nokia 9 doesn't give a really good backup given its screen resolution and the smaller sized battery and demanding camera setup.

    If price difference isn't too significant, I believe the Nokia 8.2 stands out when comparing the 2 phones.

    But oh boy, that 18W charging for 4,500mAh battery in 2020 is a little disappointing. Thankfully still, this is the first premium phone on which hmd can actually market "2 day battery life".

    Every year I think that hmd has finally made a perfect phone and soon after I start feeling led down once I get to know the product in detail. Why can't hmd make a OnePlus like device, even if charging a OnePlus Pro series like price?! Should I now start wishing that BBK acquires hmd?

  • Yeah. i agree about the lag in the camera but you can still keep clicking pictures while images are processed in the background right? I also agree, that i might be irritating for an average user. But curent price of Nokia 9 is around 420 Euros compared to 599 of Nokia 8.3. also, we get SD 845 which will perform well than 765G in overall experience, better camera quality, quad hd display, wireless charging, Time of flight sensor which is big deal. Only if Nokia can provide uodates to it's camera!! @Kartik Gada

  • Good points mate. But what I thinking is

    1. It may be just me but most of the people don't use ultrawide lens it would be another thing if they had provided ultrawide angle for front camera

    2. Macro shots I checked on my friend's N9P are also stunning with natural blur around the object.

    3. Absolutely agree on low light performance. Absence of night mode can be problematic.

    4. I'm not sure if Nokia 8.3 has 4K 60fps

    5. Most of the users would be okay with 128 gb but more sized inages would be heavy on the memory. Also does Nokia 8.3 have dedicated mmc slot?

    6. Yeah. Np9 would probably get one less android version update that's an issue.

    7. Laggy camera is kinda deal breaker for most people but i imagine it's tradeoff between quality and speed.

    8. Fingerprint sensor became much responsive and accurate after ota update on my friend's Pureview.

    Having said so I agree with most of the things you pointed out and thanks for the insights :)

    I think most of the issues can be fixed over ota updates but question is Will HMD do that and not just launch and forget! @madbilly

  • JrRobertDowneyJr
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    I also keep waiting for overall good package and cost effective phone from Nokia every year. But the price difference is significant as of now since N9P received a cost cut recently. Only thing on my mind is is Nokia 8.3 worth 599 euros specially when N9P is down to around 425 and will further come down till 8.3 is launched. Also No IP ratings on 8.3 at this price point!!! @singhnsk

  • madbilly
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    Hi @JrRobertDowneyJr,

    It's too late to expect HMD to give decent OTA updates to improve the 9PV, especially its camera app. They have had a year so far and there has been no significant improvement. History tells us that after the initial few months HMD doesn't release significant updates to its phones (ignoring Android version upgrades).

    Despite all that I wrote against the 9PV I think I probably would still buy it rather than the 8.3:

    1. Unique, novelty, camera setup
    2. 1440p AMOLED display
    3. Performance, as you say, should be better overall than the 8.3
    4. I think it will hold its resale value much better than the 8.3, as the 8.3 is a much more mainstream phone and not premium, therefore by end of 2020 I think it will be significantly discounted.

    Good point about the macro shots on the 9PV, I had forgot that the ToF sensor is excellent for these.

    I had perhaps misunderstood the marketing gumph for the 8.3, I saw mention of 4K and 60fps and put them both together. Maybe it won't do 4K 60fps.

    the uSD card slot is hybrid with the second SIM, so not dedicated unfortunately.

    Cheers 🙂

  • JrRobertDowneyJr
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    I'm thinking the same! I might as well go for N9P instead coz it's cheaper, it looks good, images are better and IP ratings! @madbilly

    Cheers :)

  • No SD Card for N9 Pureview ? And DS Version ? why I can show that ?

    fake or reality ?

  • Kartik Gada
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    The image showing SD Card tray for Nokia 9 PureView is fake. Nokia 9 PureView doesn't have an sd card slot.