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Thank you! Nokia phones #2 most trusted smartphone/tablet brand in India

Hello everyone, Let me start off with a big thank you to all of you.

Thank you! Nokia phones #2 most trusted smartphone/tablet brand in India

dipankar paul dipankar paul
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Hello everyone,

Let me start off with a big thank you to all of you. Your faith and love for Nokia phones has helped us retain the second spot in the 'Most Trusted Smartphone/Tablet Brands' category of the annual Economic Times Brand Equity Most Trusted Brands survey in India.

At HMD Global, trust is one of the key values we pride ourselves with, and it's heartening to see our Fans and consumers echoing that trust. This honour is truly energising.

Thank you once again!

Here's the web version of the survey. And you can read how this survey was conducted here.


  • chetan18 chetan18
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    Congratulations to Nokia/HMD.

  • user123 user123
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    @HMDLaura @juho

    GOOD NEWS to hear that nokia is second trusted brand but Provide BOOTLOADER UNLOCK for the devices (first Gen nokia devices) which are out of support From HMD

    Even after paying full price HMD making us to beg for a feature

    Doubt: even though devices are no longer supported by HMD,Why they still want to have control on the device, do you have any secret app in the device to track??

  • singhnsk singhnsk
    Super User  /  edited March 31

    Congratulations! The brand indeed has a lot of value, not sure if it is being tapped appropriately though!

    Keep up. Let the positivity come 👍👍👍

  • ranu ranu
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    Always 👍👍

  • iamkrishna08 iamkrishna08
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  • Lazysince1995 Lazysince1995
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    Congratulations team Nokia/HMD.

    @dipankar paul

  • thanoofnaina thanoofnaina
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    Nokia 😍

    congratulations to all who worked for it.

  • sivabharani sivabharani
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    Nokia, the name we trust💪

  • Abhilash Mishra Abhilash Mishra
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  • Ashutoshh Ashutoshh
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  • ShubhamPatil822 ShubhamPatil822
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  • Andycool24 Andycool24
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  • OM 2606 OM 2606
    ✭✭  /  edited April 18

    Congratulations Nokia! 👏

    This is just a start to the 'Best Smartphone Brand in the World'

    Looking forward to see my favourite smartphone brand as the Top Smartphone brand as it used to be before.

  • SirFaceFone SirFaceFone
    ✭✭✭  /  edited April 18

    Congratulations. Now when will Nokia be #2 in market share?

  • Lazysince1995 Lazysince1995
    Super User  / 

    @nokianchetan Most trusted brand 😵.

    What if no new models(8.3/5.3/upcoming 7.3/9.3) will be there in market to hold that trust of brand?

  • Rohan34 Rohan34
    ✭✭  / 

    Congratulation Nokia..😏👏👏

  • Paari Paari
     /  edited November 10

    Ping-Pong Recommendation!!!

    How about a Lumia gaming phone ?

    With absolute nokia colours , large Lumia screen, perfect Lumia display, This may work better if it's with a larger ram but a mid level gaming phone.. cam at its best , missing nokia earbuds, wohaa battery level.. sure shot at the perfect gaming phone.. Well you take care of the software part...

    And this a Suggestion!!!


  • user1520881638007 user1520881638007
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    Congratulations HMD team for this achievement

    And also sincere suggestion to have deep look on these points

    • Smartphone and Feature Phones : Make sure you release enough no of devices especially at festival time with attractive price tag ,exclusive release on amazon/flipkart so that people can grab one of your smartphone and also make some accessories available in stock ,seeing out of stock for months is not good looking one.
    • Software and Hardware : There are some rough areas which need to be polished for smooth and stability of device software
    • Camera: Regular Improvements to Camera App , You may still ignore or hesitate to answer this publicly but it's true that Camera also playing vital role in smartphone business that's where Nokia 9 PV and Quad Cam Setup devices are some of them which are hopes of grab people attention
    • Important that there is a need to have software update policy and life cycle for each of the devices

  • Rohit Mule Rohit Mule
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    Congratulations NOKIA/HMD Global... Keep going... We always support u.

  • mama mama
    ✭✭  /  edited November 12

    Congratulations but need to gear up, because in india you are not doing well in India cause you are announcing in March releasing in December or after December don't know when, it's toooooooo much time to die

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