My Life in a Photo contest - Winners Announced!

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We are announcing an updated winners list. This is the first time we are changing a winners announcement, and hopefully, this is the last. To everyone participating in future contests on this community, we trust you to be original and honest.

Here are your two new winners: @Ogar parmar and @Himalayavashi. Congratulations, you've won yourself a brand new Nokia 7.2!


Hello everyone,

It's time to reveal the winners!

This time, the contest topic gave us a chance to get to know everyone better. It was great to get an insight into the lives of everyone who shared. Thank you!

And as always, the standard of photography on this community continues to reach greater heights; I'm truly impressed (again!) by your entries :D

So, let's get to it. Here are your winners, their stories, and their winning photographs:


"Some things have very special in human life. for me, nature has great importance in my life. And that is the only thing that gives happiness and gives the spirit to live. I always feel very happy and peaceful around nature. There Is hardly anything better for me than this. So I upload this photo for community and myself. I'm standing in it watching the beauty of nature and the sun is rising behind me. as you can see, I and my friend's shadow is falling on those leaves, and then I clicked this photo. This part is very interesting for me. It was a wonderful experience with nature."


"Macro photography is my life, Macro is what I do.

I am a nuclear physicist by profession so going deeper is what my life is all about."

@Shiva Kaluse

"It's always a proud fact to create smile on little faces. As I am a teacher so I always make them happy with various types of educational activities.

Children are the future citizens of country so I fully dedicated to this work. I make teaching learning easy with new digital classrooms. I present them various moral stories for good manner and behaviour.

As their questions, activities, smile makes me more creative and productive in my profession and life.

Always feeling proud to provide Global education to my rural students."

Congratulations, @ranu, @rajivsayzhi, @Shiva Kaluse, @Hashsandy, @hyperfinephotos, you've won yourselves a brand new Nokia 7.2! We'll get in touch with you shortly for the next steps.

A shout out to @varghese vc (thank you for your inspiring story), @Ruby Angel (love the doodling!), @Himalayavashi and @Ogar parmar (your photos result in a serious bout of wanderlust).

A special mention for @rohitkrme - thank you for sharing so much of your life with us.

And another special mention for @MOHAMMAD_ARIF - we have a feeling great things await you if you continue doing what you're doing :) We hope to see much more of your photography on these pages. Good luck!

So, that's that. Congratulations to the winners, once again. And those of you who didn't win this time, there are always going to be more opportunities. Stay tuned!