Smart eco-friendly package for Nokia products

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i have seen many of the new devices from hmd no longer have the blue color in the boxes as previously nokia did years ago, perhaps hmd can star using the blue color once again, also it seems the new boxes from hmd leave too much empty space unnecessary in my point of view which is not very smart due to environmental concerns in the industry...hmd can take a look at the retail boxes for example the nokia n9 was shipped in years ago and see how small yet sturdy the box was...enough to protect the phone in transit to customers.  by making the boxes smaller hmd can reduce its footprint and avoid taking more raw materials even if they are from renewable sources.


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     I agree, eco-friendly packaging and other eco-friendly practices could be a really-good USP for HMD.

  • I am very fond of Nokia phones.but there is one drawback in Nokia is that auto call recorder options is not available in Nokia phone while other companies like samsung also provide his features.

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    Smart eco-friendly packaging is a nice extra. As someone else has commented, greater emphasis on workers rights and welfare, and the worldwide impact of ever increasing smartphone manufacturing on mining and pollution should be top of the list. There are very few smartphone manufacturers (and their supply chain) who are not a bit ethically suspect.

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    Hi @smh77,

    Yes, a nice extra, but these are all things which all companies should be doing, it's crazy that they save the pennies this much.

    If you follow some of the Fairphone blogs, videos or podcasts you will see that it is actually impossible to be 100% ethical - Fairphone had to actually "bribe" people in the Congo, it's just the way it works there.

    Cheers 🙂