[13/05/20 Update] Android 10 on Nokia 2.3



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    Lives in Nigeria using Android 10 on my Nokia 2.3. I use a VPN trick method to force the update not advisable. I can't wait for the second wave rollout

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    Hi all,

    Wave 2 rollout for Nokia 2.3 Android 10 update has started! All Markets that have approved the Android 10 release that weren’t in Wave 1 will now start to receive the update - 10% by today, 50% by May 8th and 100% by May 10th.

    Please note that we can only release the update to markets that have approved the build.

    Wave 2 markets pending approvals:

    • Australia - Telestra
    • Austria - T-Mobile
    • Chile
    • Colombia - Claro, Movistar
    • Costa Rica - Claro
    • Croatia - T-Mobile
    • Czech Republic - T-Mobile, O2 CZ
    • Ecuador - Movistar
    • El Salvador - Claro
    • Guatemala - Claro
    • Honduras - Claro, Tigo
    • Netherlands - T-Mobile
    • Paraguay
    • Peru
    • Poland - T-Mobile
    • Slovakia - Slovak Telekom
    • UK - Hutchison 3G UK, EE
    • Uruguay

    As soon as approvals are received, we’ll release to you and update the above pending approvals list.

    Also check our Q&A on approved Markets and Waves -here-.

  • Buenos días, hace dos llegó a España, aunque no salga en la lista. Salud

  • Yesssss.....got my update. Nokia 2.3 NL

    Thanks .

  • Hi am very satisfyed with my Nokia 2.3 at Serbia .👌👌👌👌👌👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿

  • Thanks for the heads up. That's really some bad bad bugs. As I always try to keep battery saver and data saver enabled. However I'm not a 2.3 user but thanks anyways.

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    may 26 and still no update for my nokia 2.3 (ta1206) TRASHY

  • yobbo
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    had problem trying to get update to 10 on 2.3 on ee changed sim to tesco mobile and bang got it now

  • For notifications, set your DND to custom (partially hidden) and you'll get notifications.

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    Unfortunately, none of the solutions provided anywhere seem to work. Is Nokia maybe working on a fix? We found it to be easier just to buy a new phone at this point.

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    Yeah, buy a new phone every time they mess something up, that'll show them. I have no money to throw just because they are incompetent.

    Never again buying this Chinese crap. With this practice they'll be out of business soon.

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    Such a shame. Its been . months without a fix. My drvice has been rendered useless because of this.

  • I don't think most people here could buy a new phone after just purchasing one , cause no one would go for an entry level smartphone if they had the means for a better one . One thing for sure is that they lost their brand loyalty.

    Never recomending Nokia ever.

  • I'm sorry you all misunderstood.

    I did not just bought a new phone and left the Nokia 2.3 in the closet. We returned the phone(as it was a week old) and bought an other one.

    My mother still has a 2.3 and has the issue, so the solutions would be a big help for her.

  • Android 10 upgrade has been a nightmare to Nokia users especially Nokia 6.1 users. The upgrade almost reduced the phone's usability by nearly 40% in audio related and phone calls via Wi-Fi and a few other areas. And Nokia never bothered to fix the issues.

    I want to know the experience of 2.3 users in the Audio and Wi-Fi connectivity areas after the Andy 10 upgrade.

    Ln Ayyagari

  • Sorry about that mate , well the update is out now . Hope everything works fine .

  • Sorry to quote this message, but the only way I seem to be able to post is to quote.

    Anyhow my question is why the Nokia-2.3 with Android-10 I got delivered contains a 32-bit Android. (for reference "adb shell uname -m => armv7l").

    The cpu are four arm53 cores afaiu, so I wonder why limit to 32bit arm only

  • Kartik Gada
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    Even I have the same question from many months now. Nokia 2.2 which has the same processor has a 64bit Android but the Nokia 2.3 comes with a 32bit version while using the exact same CPU.

    I don't know why HMD would do that but I assume this is related to the ODMs that manufactured the devices. Nokia 2.2 was manufactured by Huaqin and they did the software for that phone while the Nokia 2.3 was made by Wingtech which is another ODM and they made a 32bit android for 2.3. This might be the reason.

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    Hi @k.vriezen and @Kartik Gada,

    Wow, I didn't know that! That's very odd. I thought that HMD had an inhouse software team now so they weren't leaving the software to the ODMs, but this makes it seem like they don't. 🤔

    Very strange.

    Cheers 🙂

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  • I have an issue with the camera app being too slow or crashing with the Android One update. Is there an update fix in the future?

  • Lo compré por la marca pero estoy decepcionado del rendimiento y la actualización a Android 10. Mala práctica de mercado promocionar dispositivos con software defectuoso. Deberíamos considerar demandar a la empresa fabricante a nivel internacional por no dar solución a algo que tiene tantos meses.


    I bought it by the brand but am disappointed in the performance and the update to Android 10. Bad market practice promoting devices with faulty software. We should consider suing the manufacturing company internationally for not solving something that is so many months old.

    Translated by Super User using Google Translate

  • That is cool! But can you please build a 64 bits Android for nokia 2.3?

  • From twitter, but deleted.....

    Not sure if the tweet will be replaced with additonal info.

  • What is the call barring password for Nokia 2.3 Mobile Phone?

  • There is a camera, it even goes out, the worm program stops, it goes out, sometimes it works, the internet antenna is cut off, my phone is Nokia 2.3, there is Android 10, there is a problem, fix it

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