Installation Problem - Couldn't Update

I've been trying to update to Android Pie for weeks now. I did everything I could.

- Hard restart, charged 100% before updating, factory reset, cleared Google Services Data, contacted Nokia Support

Still no luck. I even tried sideloading using ADB, it's failing on step 1, it says 'Failed to Parse Build Number'. I'm still stuck on Android 8, build 33H_SP01 which has Aug 2018 patch.

Has anyone else encountered the same thing? If so, how did you work things out?


  • Be relax and wait for Android 10 Update for some days about 20 or 30 days

  • Darui
    Darui ✭✭

    Will it allow to skip Pie and update to 10 if there's an update already?

  • This right here is a very tricky question but I think the probability of it skipping A9 for A10 won't be attainable unless on this condition.

    Once the official A10 update is rolled out, kindly uninstall all apps you installed by yourself and do a factory reset, then when you get to the setup screen that says connect to WiFi or use mobile data (use any of them) and connect to the internet in doing so it would scan and check for current update and when A10 update is found you'll be prompted to install.

    Please update tis thread after some few days time when A10 for 5.1 gets rolled out.

    Stay safe 🙂

  • K00022
    K00022 ✭✭

    Bro this will not install whatever you do... only one solution is go to service center n reflash android 9 and than u will able to update...i experienced this.

  • Give it a try before going to the service center. Because it happened to you isn't 100% probability it would happen to another.

    Stay safe 🙂

  • Darui
    Darui ✭✭

    I'll wait for the A10 rollout. If it still doesn't work, I'll go to a service center.

  • Hello to all.

    Same problem here

    Bought recently Nokia 5.1 3G/32G Android One, I had previosly some Nokia with Windows and I was very satisfied at the time.

    This is the first Nokia HMD I bought and will be the last one...

    At the moment my Nokia is running Android 8.0 and I can't update.

    I'll wait for the Android 10 rollout, but Nokia: shame on you!

  • Please can anyone help with a solution to updating my Nokia 5.1 to android pie keep getting installation problem for months now.

  • jdi000
    jdi000 ✭✭✭✭
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    Backup your data and do a factory reset. Then search for update. Make sure to not restore your apps, add them back manually from play store after checking for updates.