Nokia 8 Randomly Restarts and Sound Problem



  • -automatic restart when battery percentage falls

    - automatic restart if opening any or most camera apps

    - sound from speaker is stuttering on full volume

    - automatic restart if charger is removed

    - auto restart if turning on wifi

    - auto restart on doing full brightness

    Even I'm facing the same issue with my nokia 8, it's on its own mood now

  • I also having the same issue.what should i do for this?Help me out

  • Same problem... But I used nokia 8 2years with no problem... I think sometimes hardware problem, because recently my phone dropped in my hand after that i noticed it

  • Does anyone here do the reset to the factory settings? Does it work??

  • FYI: I had battery replacement on the last June at an authorized center. Now my phone is starting to show similar symptoms. So it's your choice of keep replacing battery or not.

    If somebody did the replacement with 3rd-party batteries please inform me if your phone still facing the same problems? Just want to make sure this problem stems from battery or just defects from phone design.

    To HMD Global, with regard to customer respects, you guys should disclose the root of problem, neither battery defects or poor circuits. So that the phone owners can choose whether or not to keep using phone.

  • I have the same problem:

    - automatic restart when battery percentage falls

    - sound from speaker is stuttering on full volume.

    what should I do for this?

  • The Chat Support said that it should be check and repaired by an authorized service center.

  • I think this is Nokia 8 sickness.

    Almost all of us have this problem. And it's really a pain in the asa

  • I do factory reset..... to and used new google account.

    Nothing has changed.

  • Yes, it happend to me. In the restaurant and makes me really embarrassed because of this thing. Pls fix

  • I turned off Adaptive Battery in system settings. So far, no weird symptoms appear. You guys might give it a try to protect your phone, before things get worse.

    Will give further updates.

  • It has been done on my device for weeks but the problem persists.

    I think if we could ideally represent my problem, it would be a Stage 4 Cancer 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Same here. My Nokia 8 suddenly restarts after I open the camera, some games like mobile legends, and some other time after I unlocked it thru fingerprint. Its warranty ended last January 2020. I observed too that, though the condition of the battery indicated in the setting is good, the charging stops even though there is a sign of charging shown in the upper right of the screen if I use while connected in the electrical outlet. Maybe it is the battery? Or anything else inside then component? Also the tab key does not light up.

  • That's really saddening to know that you need to bring it to a Service Center and the warranty is already lapsed. It's clear this is a factory defect.

    I already asked the Nokia Chat Support and they said it need to be checked and repaired by Authorized Service Center.

    I think we will wait until the ECQ is lifted up so we can go there

  • Auto restart and unable to restore factory reset.

  • Try to use it while plugged in at a wall charger or power bank

  • The same thing happened to me as well. Now it gets worse, not only camera apps that can cause the reboot. Any random apps can cause the reboot. I don't understand why this happens so suddenly! And no answer to from Nokia it seems. So disappointed.

  • I had the same problem this is why I arrived to this site, did any one replaced the battery and did it solve that issues? It seem quite logical that this is the reason.

  • Hello arjun

    It is true? because I facing same problem from 4 months.. can i fix this all issues after battery replacement?

  • I been using my nokia 8 for nearly a year and one day i left my phone charging overnight i was a issue with my phone it doesn't say 100% charged it will keep on charging. Now my phone's charging is damaged i think so it takes too long to charge and it restarts randomly.I don't know whether its a battery issue or motherboard issue so if any of you guys knew about could you please help me out with this.

  • wow that's the very nice corporate gift.

  • It's for very sure, this is not a hardware issue, if everyone facing it together at the same time. This looks like a business strategy to fool around people and get the hardware replaced. Why would everyone's Nokia 8 having same symptom and why would everyone's hardware fail at the same moment? Is this some kind of COVID-19 to Nokia 8, just kidding?

    -automatic restart when battery percentage falls

    - automatic restart if opening any or most camera apps

    - sound from speaker is stuttering on full volume

    - automatic restart if charger is removed

    - auto restart if turning on wifi

    - auto restart on doing full brightness

    These above symptoms are common to all.

    Nokia is doing this every now and then. Earlier they did similar things with Nokia 1020 where they failed to provide updates to the phone and stop supporting latest apps. Still we preferred Nokia phone but now this reboot issues. Its giving bad name to Nokia and they should do something.

  • This seems to happen to a lot of people but to varying degrees. Just now, my 8 howled at me while I was listening to TuneIn radio, then it switched off. It does that from time to time. It will also just reboot when nothing special is running. But that is very rare, and it charges fully and runs for many hours, so it can't really be the battery. If you mess the battery about, it is guaranteed to cause problems. Allowing it to flatten every day that charge it overnight is seriously asked for trouble. Keeping the charge between 40 and 80 per cent seems to have kept mine going.

    I'm one of the lucky owners of an 8 (since December 2017). I only A) still have problems with the camera not holding focus, B) clicking when I record video but haven't previously 'warmed up' the camera by doing a series of 2 second videos before a serious shoot. And then I C) only lost the compass for a few months following the upgrade to Android 9. D) Now the back-up-to-the-cloud-before-deleting-your-photos button has gone from the Photos app. Oh, I did have a E) period last summer when the lens 'wobbled', but that's disappeared and I get excellent shots these days. And F) the phone often resorts to guesswork or the previous location when tagging, which is pretty naff.

    I also use FiLMiC Pro to record video, and this excellent app performs perfectly, using all the relevant functions of the 8 and does none of the nasties the official app does. At all. This must surely be proof that the hardware is in top shape?

  • I just tried that Hoàng, perhaps all my troubles will float off into space?

  • martin.fd
    martin.fd ✭✭✭✭

    You can laugh now: I have deactivated the adaptive battery for a long time and have been spared from spontaneous restarts (so far at least) ...

    ... but like @Hugh Matthews , I also tried from the beginning to keep the battery between 30 and 70 % charge 🙂

  • @martin.fd they just put a long comment of mine to "review" list. I am too lazy to retype all of it so just going to sum up in these lines:

    - Battery is not a problem, the phone is. Because the OEM Scud Fujian also makes batteries for other phone vendors

    - Most likely cause of premature battery death is heat. Shown in teardown video, this phone has a large heatpipe running from SoC directly to battery compartment. And stupid as it is, both battery and heatpipe lie on a single thin middle frame, therefore it could reach extreme temp quite easily. A hot battery cannot live long.

    - So the solution is to try not using fast charger. At my place, the stock fast charger could heat the battery up to 42 centigrade. If you are able to open up your phone, wipe off all thermal paste (gum like pate) on the SoC to insulate it with mid frame. Together with avoiding deplete and full charge states as much as possible, solution by @Hugh Matthews. My proposed solution above, turn off adaptive battery could delay, but eventually the battery will die. I have done 2 battery replacements in the last 2 years.

    - If those do not work. There is an ultimate solution: get rid of this phone, lol.

  • My phone restarts randomly and restarts when when the camera is open... And sound problems too😫

  • My mobile Nokia 8 not getting charge.

    Decreaseing battery percentage randomly

    Nokia care not receiving my phone

    What is the reason?

  • I am facing same issue from many days. Now whenever I plug out my phone and unlock it ,it restarts...

    Can someone suggest me what to do?

    please, I really need help...