New Nokia device should have

A bezel less display, a punch hole camera, should have stereo boombox speakers, flash light should be powerful as was in Nokia 8.....

New Nokia device should have

uzair ahmed uzair ahmed
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A bezel less display, a punch hole camera, should have stereo boombox speakers, flash light should be powerful as was in Nokia 8.....
an IR blaster, and also a headphone jack,
Dolby vision display, HDR 10 complient, a higher resolution QHD (2K) display, curve back and front glass, powerful processor, an best professional camera software, the device should be slim, should have Nokia ozo audio, battery capacity should be more, and it should become Nokia's flagship smartphone of the year...
Thank you for reading this....
Uzair Ahmed....


  • IB Graf IB Graf
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    I'm hoping for side meny, something like the Samsung Edge have, because many of us like to have a clean display. And of course option to remove the Google search bar and the weather from the display.
  • smh77 smh77
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    Some good ideas here. I have had 2 of HMD's new Nokia's, the 6 and 6.1. And for what they cost they were decent phones. Since the 6.1 I have had the Galaxy S10, and am currently using a Galaxy A70. By the end of the year i will probably change again and am keeping tabs on these (some yet to be released) phones; LG Velvet, pixel 4a/5, Motorola Edge 5G, and rumoured mid range HTC phone. A little while ago the Nokia 8.3 5G and OnePlus Z would have been on that list. However, the 8.3 to my knowledge seems to have a LCD screen, no waterproofing, or iOS. While the Z is looking like it will be rocking a Media Tek processor.

    In an ideal world I want a phone that satisfies these requirement for £500 or under: Snapdragon 765G or equivalent, 6.7" screen or larger, 6GB RAM or higher, 128GB storage or higher, 4500mAh battery or larger, a good solid triple camera system with wide angle and ois on at least the main or wide angle lens. Other preferable requirements would be waterproofing, headphone jack, bluetooth 5.1, and Android One or the lightest skinned alternative.

    Is this asking too much?

  • Future Nokia phones should come from eSIM and Wi-fi calling option .

  • dr. falcon2 dr. falcon2
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    Push to Talk 😜

  • More powerful.I have an great ideas how we can do that.

  • Yours and everyone configuration ideas are to weak in compare with my configurations parts about CPU,GPU RAM System Storage device and SoC generally plus cooling device system for cooling all that devices down.In one word my idea can be described a real pocket supercomputer size of my Nokia 6.1 TA 1050.

  • It will basicly completely revolutionize our computing devices in this case ours Nokia Android One Smartphone devices.For example today's 64bit platform is dating since Windows XP and very first AMD Athlon 64 CPU's we need a new platform higher newer and more up to date than 64bit and ARM,Qualcomm Google and ours home HMD NOKIA can be a leaders and pioniers in the new tehnology till Quantum Computing platform reach to every user of computers,gaming consoles smartphone devices,tablets and smartwatches.

  • This is all too primitive and ancient design devices.We need a new one.For one Processor design is primitive for this year and this century.We still use almost 20 years old 64bit processors Operating System apps and games in 2020 we should be at least having 256bit processors Operating System Apps and games.Like I said our level of tehnology of computers is too primitive and ancient for the year and century we living.We are all still using 64bit architecture from 2003 and 2004.This is a real discrace.

  • nike hardy nike hardy
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    Should have classic design of old Nokia, Amoled display or LCD with high refresh rate, Snapdragon 700series processor, Full HD plus display resolution, display size 5.7 to 6.3 inch , a 3.5 mm jack, atleast 4000 mah battery, stock android or I am like to see MEEGO in 2020 remastered version, Dolby Atmos sound.

    In camera should have 16 mp PDAF front facing camera with led flash, and back side 64mp main sensor, 8mp ultrawide , 8 mp telephoto lens with 3x zoom and 5x highbride zoom, led flash.

    Should provide atleast 15W or 18W fast charger

    In this configuration Nokia should have set the price within 20,000 to 23000. This aggressive price will bring a fire on market .

  • Primitive and the SoC is tooweak for my own needs.When we will ascept that 64bit like a 32bit architecture is too old and out of date.64bit architecture is almost 15 years old it is time that we start developing new 128bit architecture for 2020 and beyond and prepare to work on 256bit architecture for CPU Operating System apps and games.

  • Why CPU developers like Intel,AMD and ARM keeping 64bit.Does they realise like me that 64bit is 15 years old and out of date and we need a new CPU architecture what is the latest newer and more up to date than today 64bit.64bit like 32bit belongs to the museum of IT history.We all have today very primitive and old computer tehnology.Please anyone do something to change that and provide us a SoC with CPU with newer architecture than today's 64bit.A 128bit CPU architecture for example.

  • Deniwaju Deniwaju

    Please there any produt with this name Nokia Maze Pro lite

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