boycott Chinese products in India

this is a great time for nokia to launch new lineup with new UI.. because, this time will never come in future and we dont want morw Chinese products... plz forward this message to hmd official team... use this condition and launch new series like samsung (m series)... do or die for nokia... in india...


  • smh77
    smh77 ✭✭

    Would be a very good time for Nokia to launch their version of a light and practical user interface for Android. I cannot believe that they do not have something that they have been working on. The new Nokia Pureview 9.3 would be the obvious model to launch it from.

    As for Chinese products saturating the smartphone market and Nokia stepping in...The majority of HMD's Nokias are completed by Foxconn (Taiwan) but manufactured by FIH Mobile in China.

  • Indeed it's best time to step in market with aggressive strategy but problem is in marketing team(specially social media) which heading in India. While other brands make campaign strategy for specific phone launch before launch they give phone to the user who actually love to review phones. They give phones to the existing users and ask feedback to work on it. They constantly work from bottom to top and hear all issues. Their ground work is so good and that's the main reason they captured 75% of Indian market. Also those brands have lower prices as compared with specifications. These are few things nokia must need to look and do necessary changes.