Are we a joke to nokia?

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I bought 10 pcs. of Nokia 9 for my employers because we need the camera ability that announced everywhere and bought a Nokia 9 for myself because I'm a nature everything fine before android 10 and camera do his work most of times but after the update this phone totally useless because of bugs and lags and crashes in UI and camera working. So Nokia announced an update for improving camera at night and fix bugs and about 6 months passed and there is no news about it!

I connected to support many times and they said nothing at feels like Nokia 9 is device from Microsoft and nobody care about that now.

So are our trust and money for a premium phone is a joke for hmd or are we pilot testers for them?

Please please please just give us a approximate time for this update at least


  • to be fair, the original Nokia company policy when it comes to customers was to ignore them. given the majority of HMD come from nokia, you shouldnt expect any difference

    That said, the latest update to android 10 seemed to fix a lot of peoples issues. Have you not received that update yet? If not, can i suggest trying the VPN update option to see if that helps?

  • Mahbod
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    yes i was talking about problems after that update, i received it a few months ago.

    all the problems i said comes after this update and they promised to fix it soon.

    but its about half a year and we have nothing here.

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    I believe Magicdesign is referring to the update that was released on June 1st. It was approximately 320MB in size and included fixes to the December, 2019 Android 10 update. The May 2020 security fixes were also in the June 1st update.

  • Kartik Gada
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    Nokia 9 PureView might not receive updates that bring changes or improvements to the camera. The company that made this tech is Light and they have now completely left mobile and have moved to automobile segment.

    As yoh have bought so many phones I suggest you to downgrade all your phone's to Android Pie and keep using them with not many issues You can check out techmesto (google it). They will help you downgrade your devices. :)