So Many Issues After Android 10

Camera Error - Most of the times when capturing the phone the camera pops up an error saying "Couldn't save your photo or video" this happens when Data Storage in the camera is set to SD CARD. I will not change the Default Storage to Phone Memory in any way, because what's the use of using SD CARD if I change the default storage location of Camera to PHONE MEMORY..?

SD CARD File Moving Error - **** it's the most annoying problem one could ever face, the photos and videos which I download from Internet or I receive through WhatsApp would not move firstly, it always pops ups with the error saying "Problem While Moving Item" and this could only be fixed after the restart of the phone

Gesture LAG - The full gesture navigation sometimes lag so badly that I cannot go back because swiping from the edge does nothing

LaG/Slow Down Issue - The phone has become way too slow and laggy after the Android 10 Update, it mostly respond to tasks after a minute

Google Photos in Android 10 - The Google Photos App has gone way too mad after the Android 10 update, it does not delete the photo after I tap on "Delete". I have to delete a single photos thousands of times in order to delete it. And sometimes it would come back even after being deleted from the BiN. The Google Photos would sometimes backup the photo and after uploading the photo the photo will get double, one would be normal and the other one would have a cloud sign with cross mark saying that "Too Big Or Unknown File Type"

Multitasking Lag - The phone gets way too laggy if more than 2 apps are opened in the background. For God's Sake, it's not a low end device which could not open 2-3 apps at once

I don't know what HMD have tested in the past months... The update came so late I was hoping it would be free of any bugs but No, it's full of bugs which clearly states that HMD have not tested it properly...

@HMDLaura I want a new build for my phone in the next Security Patch and it should contain a fix for these issues, if not all then at least some of them, please...