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Me parece a mi que en Chile estamos jodidos con Nokia ya salió android 11 y aún aquí no llega el 10 aunque otras marcas sin android one si han actualizado… cual es el motivo que Nokia no ?

[Update]Android 10 Roadmap for Nokia phones


  • juanCR juanCR
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    Me parece a mi que en Chile estamos jodidos con Nokia ya salió android 11 y aún aquí no llega el 10 aunque otras marcas sin android one si han actualizado… cual es el motivo que Nokia no ? No lo se pero no es normal

  • BeVenkatesh BeVenkatesh
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    This is called over promising and under delivery. Bugs needed to be addressed first when it comes to HMD's Pure, Secure and Up-to-date motto. And, Android one is the culprit here, HMD is yet to understand this. @HMDLaura

  • alpreston alpreston
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    When will Nokia 1 be getting the Android 10 Go update?

  • Acá no ha llegado la actualización que soluciona los errores de las notificaciones y el cierre de aplicaciones (Colombia) ¿cuándo va a llegar?

  • So it is July, 1st, 2020, - Q2 is over and there is no Android 10 for the Nokia 3.1 as shown on the roadmap. Seems you have to update the roadmap.

  • juanCR juanCR
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    Desastroso nokia y Android 10

    No se el motivo pero actualizarán android 10 cuando presente google el android 13 más o menos😒

  • Aworo Aworo

    It is outdated Android is the main one 4get symbian

  • kuldeep zadoo kuldeep zadoo
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    FM radio of Nokia7.2 ,not according to the frequency of India.It scans frequency from 91.0MHz not from below that frequency,need immediate assistance.

  • Cuando llegara la actualización del nokia 7.2 a Chile ?? estaba programada a llegar en abril pero aún no llega.

  • sumonkhansk40641 sumonkhansk40641
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    Nokia 5 ghost touch problem

    And need Android 10 update

  • Nokia 5 ghost touch problem and need Android 10 update

  • jdi000 jdi000
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    That's is not a software issue updates won't help go to service center for hardware check

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    End of 15th july, still no promised Android 10 for nokia 2.1.

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    In the update map, nokia 2.1 was first but it is not given the Android 10 update yet.

    You must keep your words. 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠💥

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    I'm talking about Nokia 1 . It is given Android 10 but still there is no Android 10 update for nokia 2.1.

    Just lies and lies.

  • jdi000 jdi000
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    First a roadmap is a guide so there are no lies this isn't life and death it's a software update for a phone. There was also a pandemic which is very serious and has delayed some things.

    Second the order in which updates are rolled out have nothing to do with any schedule except by the company rolling them out. The phone model has nothing to do with order and why should it?

    Third a software update was never guarenteed for any specific date so please be patient and enjoy your device .

  • Bowdic69 Bowdic69
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    Still no word on nokia 3v ta-1153 to upgrade to the android 10, not to mention that it has only received two security patches, 😒😑🤧

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    HMD had promised an optimized Android go experience but the biggest problem with this 2.1 is lag. It is there everywhere. Specially, in dialer and message. I'm expecting some miracle with Android 10 update. But HMD is not providing it . This is the end of July now.

  • alpreston alpreston
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    My Nokia 1 (and my wife's) upgraded to Android 10 today - considerably quicker compared to the Pie update for which I had to wait more than 4 months after the initial release. Thank you Nokia.

  • bmsg 1980 bmsg 1980
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    Any news on when does HMD expect to solve the problemas THEY created on 3.1 Plus phones?

    Someone said "please be patient and enjoy your device"....

    Couldn't help a sarcastic smile .....I CAN'T ENJOY IT BECAUSE I GET NO NOTIFICATIONS from WhatApp, FB, Twitter, Viber, Messenger, Instagram, Payment App......nothing!


    It's a brick with a browser and telephony capabilities. Nothing more!

    I am waiting for HMD to solve the problem (which THEY cretaed by the way) since 13 MAY 2020

    In 2 and half weeks from today it will be 3 months without being able to use the phone.

    3 **** MONTHS!

    If I took 3 months to solve a problem in my job, I would be fired by the end of the first month.....

    That's it!! Maybe someone needs.....I don't know.....be fired.....?!

  • bmsg 1980 bmsg 1980
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    When will somebody get the thumb out and update 3.1 plus?

    This is truly embarassing for Nokia....

    I was told by the support team in chat that it would be early August. Lies, lies and more lies to customers.

    Do you consider 12 August "early August"?

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  • Desovsky Desovsky
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    Okay. So it's already 31st August and Nokia 5.1 is still stuck on Pie, it got only Security Patch today. Like, c'mon, it's already 2 months late, give us some info about it... 😑

  • باسلام وخسته نباشید خدمت عزیز آن زحمت کش دوستان این اندروید ۱۰یرنامه اش چطور ه من یکم سوادم کمه محبت کنید راهنمایی کنید ممنون میشم یکی هم گوشیم سیستم نوکیا 3هست همیشه ویروس می افته درست کارنمیکنه چکنم مرسی که هستبن

  • When are Nokia going to finally decide on pushing android 10 to nokia 3.1 devices? It's frustrating!

  • jdi000 jdi000
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    Have to be patient as it is difficult to update certain older.phone/ processors

  • john nm john nm
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    My Nokia 2.1 has been crashing and hanging eversince I got this update. Not fair, its so frustrating that I'm considering buying a new phone.

  • bmsg 1980 bmsg 1980
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    @Mohammed Shaker MD , don't update to 10. You'll regret it.

    Nokia mess up the update and they are just waiting for time to pass on till end of October so that they can wash their hands from the monster mess they did.

    You will get many bugs and the most critical one is that you will get no notifications from ANY 3rd party apps

    Say goodbye to notifications from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, etc etc.

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