Nokia 9 image reflection

Ranbir Saini
Ranbir Saini ✭✭
edited July 2020 in Nokia 9 PureView

My nokia 9 takes pictures with the reflection of some parts of the object in the imge. It's is common or my device camera are faulty.

Outdoor daylight photos are top notch and other low lights are also good this happen in only some rare conditions. These are some good samples



  • Kartik Gada
    Kartik Gada Super User

    This is common and happens when there is a bright light source in the image. The bright light reflects inside the lens and creates the reflection in the image. Nothing to worry about.

    BTW, I can't find the reflection in the image of chemist. Can you mark the reflection and share again?

  • No I share chemist image just to show the difference that it happen only some time thanks for the clarity