[Moved] Restart Problem in Nokia 6 TA 1000

Mukul Hossain
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My phone turn on the show and screen Powered by Android then restart contintue. How can solve it. My Phone is Nokia-6 TA-1000. Please suggession for me.



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    Note:You have posted in Nokia 7 Plus discussion ,For further posting on Nokia 6, Visit the dedicated device discussion page and post it there

    You can do factory reset via Android recovery mode but remember all your files will be deleted so better eject the SD card from the device and then perform factory reset

    - connect your device to USB cable

    - Switch off the device

    - Press and Hold the Volume Up key and then Press the Power Button to turn on the device

    - On the Screen it will show the "No command" with Android robot

    - Now Hold the Power key and press volume up and down key until you see the menu

    - From the menu , select wipe data/factory reset

    - Select Yes

    - When factory reset done, from the menu select "reboot to system"

    Hope it may fix the device else you may have to visit the care center for device servicing