Want to c Nokia rule again

Alok154 ✭✭

Need preinstalled gallery,music app


  • Need built-in apps like File Manager , Gallery instead of using Google photos or third party apps

  • smh77
    smh77 ✭✭

    Needs a distinctive look or feature other than Android One. I have a big bag of old feature phones and smartphones that i've never got rid off. I was looking through them recently and only 3 stood out to my eye. My first 3 smartphones; Nokia N95, HTC Desire, and Galaxy S2. Everything else since then has been pretty much generic. Let's see what the next Pureview brings later in the year?

  • Hi All, I am a die hard nostalgic fan of old Nokia symbian phones 40 and 60 series both. I am pleading Nokia to launch symbian series same as before 40 and 60 version with same designs as 5800, 5233, n73, n70 in the current market. people will surely gonna buy... please :-(

  •  want to save contacts on my SIM, but I can't see anywhere option to do so. Or export them to SIM. Or set saving to SIM as default. Or anything related to this.

    All the internet FAQs or tutorials also dont mention how to do it. Import from SIM? Sure. Save or export to SIM? Nah, take a look at these cool adverts. Official help on Nokia website doesn't answer my question either. I don't know if something is turned off or just Android One doesn't allow for such basic things.