Will Nokia Sirocco receive Android 11 update?

Is Nokia 8 Sirocco eligible for Android 11 update?If yes,

When will Nokia 8 Sirocco receive Android 11 update?



  • Android 10 may be the last update for Sirocco because of Android One.

    Sirocco was released in Feb 2018, and 2020 is the 3rd years for it. Its minimum support period of Android One is expired next year. This is the quote from the Android site, and it says

    1. Android One phones will receive at least two years of OS upgrades.

    2. Monthly security updates to be supported for at least 3 years after initial phone release.


  • I don't have any issues with my Android 10 update, in fact the battery performance is great after the update. Also there is no much heating issues.

  • So, when you unlock, the screen doesn't hang once in a while? You can pair with any bluetooth device and audio works? Gcam is working for you? If so, please share your firmware because you received a working version compared to our crippled one..

  • Regarding Gcam (Google Camera), it officially supports only Google Pixel.

    Although you can download and manually install its ported APK, it is no guarantee and it is your own risk.

    Google Camera needs Camera2 API and RAW support. You may tweak these configuration on A10 with ROOT access, it is also your own risk without guarantee.

    And it is not busiess of Nokia and HMD. Regarding Google Camera, you better to contact "[email protected]", not here. This address is described at the end of following page.


    Bluetooth is the standard wireless technology, and its seal and logo needs to pass its qualification test. It guarantee interoperability between certified products. You can search certified product here.


    FYI, this is the case of TA-1005 (Nokia 8 Sirocco). You should check your Bluetooth product and ask its vender.


    And unlock and screen hang, I don't understand what it is. Sorry.

    At least, back from sleep screen to lock screen with double tap, and move from lock screen to home screen are ok, no slow down in my case.

    And firmware. According to my "About phone", 

    Model: TA-1005

    Hardware version: 3.0

    Touch panel firmware version:

    - ST-0971.0A18

    - Goodix-V1.03.14-HV-53

    Build number: 00WW_5_12-_SP02

    Incidentally, I don't have ROOT access. Boot manager is not unlocked, too.

  • Ok, so with 9 i could connect with my VW Golf without any problem. Everything is original VW, no after market devices. With 10, nothing but trouble. According to your story it has nothing to do with the phone? Total BS.. This has been the only factor that has changed. And the trouble with a hanging black screen: i'm not the only one. When you unlock with your finger, once in a a couple of unlocks, the screen stays off. You have to lock and unlock your phone again to get it working. My wife has the same phone and exact same problems. The problems started after upgrading to 10.

    No excuses, the problem lies within the update.

  • Regarding VM Golf, you are talking about VolkWagen Golf, aren't you? These topics may help.



    I thought it is about story relating Android Auto (AA) and Android 10. After Android 10, AA is integrated with Android 10 and it brought many issues not only to Nokia 8 Sirocco as this.



    And regarding unlock, sorry, I have not still understood what you told yet. Do you need to 

    a = repeat unlock action as so many multiple taps from black screen to unlock OR 

    b = push power from black screen to unlock because double tap doesn't work.

    In any case, I though may be talking about this.


    OR this.


    If some of these topics are bingo, sorry, they are not problems brought by Nokia 9 Sirocco with Anrdoid 10. Issue about VM Golf is from Android Auto and Android 10 itself, and unlock issue is also from Android 10. Root cause is from Google, and they are appropriate contact window for these issues, not Nokia nad HMD.

  • It is a vw golf mk5 and has nothing to do with Android auto. Just handsfree phone bluetooth and support for a2dp. Nothing special.

  • And we are not the only one with problems since the update:

    I know this, and this is not only Nokia, but also other phones as Xperia, Samsung, etc, plus even Pixel and Android Auto.

    Incidentally, in some case of Xperia, application update under safe mode worked, though it is not a silver ballet for all cases.

  • Unfortunatly not.. Let's hope it'l get fixed! I really like this phone and at this moment there is no alternative in it's class for me.

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  • First of all my biggest issue is, I dropped my phone within a week of purchase and I'm using my phone with screen cracks ever since. Luckily it is working fine till date.

    I agree with the unlocking problem but didn't see it often. I have been using the Mi band 2 connected to the device but i don't find any difficulties. Infact in my previous redmi phone, i have to keep the Mi app open in the background inorder to connect with the device but in sirocco it just connects directly without opening the app and it gives all notification to my watch. The Gcam is only for Google Pixel but there are so many risky 3rd party apk available to download Gcam for other high-end devices also. I'm just surprised by the battery performance after the update. After a continuous video streaming of 2.30 hours, the battery just went from 100 - 80. The headphone jack heating issue is reduced. And i got my headphones along the box. The headphone built quality and Sound quality is excellent.

  • I'm a little late in the conversation, but I'm experiencing the same thing on my Sirocco with the black screen from wake-up. Both double tapping the screen OR tapping the power button, produces a dark screen. The only way to get the screen to wake up is several presses of the power button. However, when the screen is black, it's actually still active- just not lit up. This is happening more often lately. Any advice? Thx!

  • I have same problem, after factory reset everything is fine, no more black screen after unlock. So perform factory reset - you will need to backup your data first because this will erase everything on the phone.

  • Every now and then I have seen the black screen after unlock but then I noticed that it happened only outdoors and when it's sunny. Then I found that it's not "really black screen" but that the brightness of the screen is adjusted to minimum. After this I covered the brightness sensor with my other hand during unlock and whoops, the screen wakes up every time. It seems like the automatic brightness adjustment is kind of "overreacting". This phenomenon though started after the Android 10 update but after I found this out I haven't kept this as a big problem anymore especially when it doesn't happen every day.