Will the Android 10 new feature Audio Streaming for Hearing Aid (ASHA) be enabled on Nokia 8.1 ?

Lars-Åke Aronsson
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I am using Hearing Aids which do support the feature Audio Streaming for Hearing Aid (ASHA).

Will the Android 10 new feature Audio Streaming for Hearing Aid (ASHA) be enabled on Nokia 8.1 ? This feature require Bluetooth 5 with BLE which Nokia 8.1 support.

This is a major issue for people with hearing aids. There are many persons who have hearing aids who would like to have this Android 10 feature enabled.


  • I asked Nokia support about ASHA and they said my hearing Aid is the problem. They did not understand that direct streaming has to been alsof on the phone. In mybcase on the Nokia 7.2 which is updated to android 10 and has bluetooth 5 but no direct streaming.

    I want to switch to Samsung therefore


  • I also had ask the support two times allready. The only answer I got was that they will pass ot through there devs, but I dont think there will be an update soon.

    The only thing I know is that Android 10 is needed and the producer of the smartphone has to active the ASHA function in the Software.

  • For low energy streaming which is needed for phone calls using hearing aids the android 10 feature ASHA need to be enabled in the phone and Bluetooth 5 Low Energy available in the phone. In my phone, Nokia 8.1, ASHA has not yet been enabled. My phone support Bluetooth 5 Low Energy and has android 10.

    It should be simple for Nokia to turn on ASHA. They need to verify first that it works with interoperability tests with hearing aids supporting ASHA.

    My hearing aids support ASHA. They are ReSound LiNX Quattro.

    There is a big potential market for hearing aid users streaming from the phone which until ASHA in android 10 has been exclusively supported by iPhone.

    Nokia should care for their users and enable ASHA.

  • patentgeek
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    It's been 1.5 years since the original post on this thread, and Nokia still can't be bothered to put forth the paltry effort required to enable ASHA on their Android 10+ / Bluetooth 5 phones. They clearly have no consideration for accessbility or hearing impaired users, and we should reward other manufacturers (i.e., Samsung) for making ASHA a priority.