With top phone makers in the US releasing sub-$400 phones, how can HMD compete with its €599+ 8.3?

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Apple has released their $399 iPhone SE in May.

Google has their new Pixel 4a for $349.

The OnePlus Nord is also 399 (though not officially available in the US)

Even Motorola is lowering the price of the Moto Edge to 349 (originally 699) in some outlets just to compete.

HMD recently 'doubled down' on the US market, even appointing Juho as the VP for the region, but the Nokia 8.3 is only coming to the US this fall, despite being announced way back at MWC in March.

So, how can they possibly compete in the US market with that price? And since HMD doesn't really have other (more profitable) businesses unlike the companies above, I have my doubts whether they could lower the price dramatically unlike their competitors.

What do you think? Is the Nokia 8.3 dead on arrival, or can it still be competitive? 🤔


  • Sorry. But, why are you so focused to make Nokia 8.3 5G appear as DOA in every post you create that revolves around this device?

    iPhone SE is priced so low for a reason that everyone is aware of.

    Pixel 4a has a different processor that's old and other specs that clearly do not match that of the Nokia 8.3 5G.

    We don't even know the US pricing of the Nokia 8.3 5G to come to any conclusions. But yes it will be priced higher than these phones. Only time will tell how's the response. Also, HMD Global will partner with carriers to sell their devices.

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    Whilst there is a room for affordable phones in the US, I believe the Nokia 7.2 is already for that segment. It is outdated though and needs a renewal. There should be a new device with a Qualcomm 690 which should sit alongside the SE and Pixel 4A.

    As for the Nokia 8.3, I agree with @Kartik Gada that the Nord, SE or the 4A are not its competitors. And let's keep the Nokia 8.3 in its own league. It will sell for its own merits and I agree that the announcement price was a bit higher, but it can definitely ask significantly more than what the other devices you have named :) The rest in the hands of reviewers and how well HMD has optimized the software, hardware and built to justify the asking price. We can only know when it comes out of the factory.

    For the delay, the manufacturing problems, supply chain management and logistics are definitely a problem in the COVID-19 world. Even the cash monster Google had its devices delayed due to that, OnePlus 8 and Nord are facing supply shortage due to not enough manufacturing and and we can't really complain much about the baby that HMD is in comparisons to the bigger monsters, especially after the missing FIH (which was giving them easy access to Foxconn's manufacturing sites). Probably nobody at HMD anticipated such a long-run lockdown and supply problems.

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    It's not that I wish to imply that they fail - far from it, I wish every bit of success for Nokia phones, but having witnessed the troubles in their past (caused by their own actions or otherwise) should give anyone, especially us fans of the brand, a cause for concern for their entry (or re-entry if you count Rolling Thunder during the Lumia era) to a new market dominated by two brands with an unreleased higher-end and no doubt pricier phone. I've been skeptical so far, yes, but I do it not out of spite of the company's mistakes but because I want them to do better and live up to the brand they're carrying.

    Replying to @singhnsk's comment, I disagree with the notion that the 8.3 is not competing with the other brands. Most people would agree that the 4a is a competitor to the SE even though they are on completely different platforms. We are at the point now where the difference between most smartphones are of little significance and consumers pick over minor differences (slight spec variations, design, trust on the brand, etc).

    I agree though we will have to wait and see for ourselves. I hope I am proven wrong for my skepticism this time.

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    I am sorry once again. Actually, I have seen a lot of negativity build up around the Nokia 8.3 5G even before it has gone on sale and HMD is the one to be blamed for this. Yep, I agree. We all wish the same. We are the ones crazy enough to pass feedback and suggestions to these folks who do not even care to listen or read this forum.

    HMD is sleeping, deaf, blind. I am really not in a mood to discuss anything after what all I have seen about HMD today and my brain is raging right now. I don't want to see this company go out of business. 😥

    I would just say one thing for this company.

    Either they Get Up or Give Up.

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    Hi @SirFaceFone I didn't say that they aren't competing with the other brands, they indeed are. But some products are a different segment, others are different. Because going by that notion, there should be no Pixel 4A 5G and Pixel 5 after releasing the Pixel 4A. Or there should be no new pricier iPhone either because the SE exists.

    I agree on the smartphone differentiation, but still, I don't think that the Nokia 8.3 is competing with the Pixel 4A or the iPhone SE. Yes, it will definitely compete with the Pixel 5 though. It is obvious that the Nokia 8.3 is considerably superior to the SE or the 4A, not too much from the Nord maybe though.

    What I'll agree to still is the fact that there is a big market for well built affordable phones and a Nokia 7.3 is the need of the hour. I also wish that there was a Nokia 8.3 (non 5G) which could truly succeed the Nokia 8.1.

    HMD have indeed messed up their entire naming scheme and spec distribution across them. They themselves are confused as to which chips to use for which series of devices.

    The Nokia 5.3 with it SPD 665 laughs at the Nokia 6.2.

    @Kartik Gada They need a change of management. Nothing will change without some new brains thinking in their own ways to rethink why HMD exists and what products should they make for a long-term growth. Would probably be wise to steal a current or ex employee from Huawei or BBK for the purpose. I'm sure there will be some running away from Huawei rn.

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    Not a problem, I love discussing this stuff even if we might disagree in some aspects :)

    Good points, they have been making questionable decisions lately and communication from the company isn't exactly the best, which is a real let down (and a real PITA for those customers experiencing issues).

    As for management change, it looks like they've been poaching execs from top companies lately (including OnePlus). The biggest change would probably still need to come from the CPO/CEO though. They have plenty of talented and skilled people at their hand, we'll have to wait and see if they can utilize those assets properly.

    Cheers 🙂