[Update 26/05/20] Android 10 on Nokia 3.1 Plus



  • Now, Security update & Google Play system update turn to red

    Good job Nokia...

    Cc @HMDLaura

  • Why are all the Nokia getting starters updates and the Nokia 3.1 plus nothing?

  • Nokia 3.1 Plus is very sad models than others.

    Update very late, buggy, and much more~

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    I know English is not the first language for most of us, but holy trees...

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  • bmsg 1980
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    I contacted chat support and they told me that the 3.1 plus update would be in early August.

    Someone around here (can't remember who) said he/she was told it would be last week.....so, as you can see, more rubbish coming our way.

    Like I said in the other topic...I don't believe one single word these people say.

    No point in cc'ing Laura or HMDLaura or whatever...total waste of keyboard on that....I never saw a single reply from that user.

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  • People sometimes just put sentences in Google Translator.

    I don't blame them.

    English is not my main language either.

  • AvgJoe
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    At least they told you approximately... They told me they'll send MR patch "at the next opportunity" wherever that means...

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    Hope roll out soon. Because the phone like a poo.

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  • AvgJoe
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    All the other models are getting updates around these days, we should get it soon...

  • bmsg 1980
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    Looks like the "update in early August" was just another load of rubbish......

    These people don't deserve us to buy their phones.

    I'm done beating this dead horse. Threw the 3.1 plus in the trash bin.

    However I will send a complaint agains HMD to the EU Consumers Defence.

    Probably won't do any good, but at least it will be written in a EU Authority file.

    These people at HMD think this is China where they can do what they want.


    Samsung, here I go.

    Fed up of this HMD company and their rubbish products.

    Nice "meeting" you all. Good Luck....(you'll need it.....a lot!)

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  • bmsg 1980
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    This is what they recommended me to do to solve all my life dillemas:

    1. Connect your phone to the charger and keep it plugged in. We also recommend that your battery is at least 50% charged when you perform a hard reset. Then turn it OFF

    2. When your phone is turned OFF, simultaneously press and hold the POWER and VOLUME UP buttons.

    3. The phone will turn ON again. Once you see the ANDROID logo, release the POWER button but keep pressing VOLUME UP.

    4. After you keep pressing VOLUME UP and get no command, please press twice volume up and power button really fast, you will be in Recoveryin the Recovery Mode will open.

    5. In Recovery Mode, use the VOLUME UP/DOWN buttons to navigate and the POWER button to select. Choose the option in the middle: [wipe data/ factory reset].

    6. Select [Yes] so your phone will reset.

    7. When on the bottom of your screen you see "Data wipe complete", choose [Reboot system now] and select it. Your phone will restart.

    Your phone has now successfully been reset to its original settings. You can now start with setting up your phone again.

    These people think they are dealing with newbies....they are perfectly aware that this doesn't solve the rubbish they did and yet they throw this to people to buy them time hoping people will pick it up....

    These people have no shame of themselves.

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  • DoesntLikeBugs
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    Yes HMD are a joke. I wouldn't be surprised if the 3.1 plus is 'dead' to HMD and they have abandoned support for it.

    They have too many broken devices to deal with, plus they are developing new devices. Its too much for a small company. The small budget they have is spread thin and there are only so many developers employed by HMD available to work on things.

    At this point im just happy I didn't spend more money on a more expensive HMD product. Even their top of the range phones like the 9 pureview are plagued with debilitating bugs.

    I think the company will fold. HMD have recently lost a major UK supplier because of their incompetence. I doubt I will, but I would like to get my money back before Deloitte turn up and start selling off HMDs assets 😂

    The whole situation was avoidable. They knew that their Android 10 build was bad after the first wave of updates on the 2.2 but they did nothing to fix it, and instead continued to push the broken OS out to other devices, knowing full well that it would break their functionality. They could have left the other phones on Android 9 and explained to customers that the Android 10 build was buggy, and not ready yet. Im sure 99% of people with these devices wouldn't mind waiting for a working version of Android 10. I really liked my 3.1 plus with Android 9.

    Anyway, two things to take away from this disaster of a business:

    1. Communication and transparency with your customers are both essential to maintain credibility and reputation.

    2. Trying to do too much, too quickly will overload and sink your business. Too many phone models, too small budget. Its over ambitious. Im all for risk taking but it must be managed. When you have a problem on 1 device because of a bad update you can fix it quickly by putting all the attention of your software engineers to the issue. When you have as diverse line up of devices as HMD, and so many new ones in development, you need a huge team of software engineers. This is expensive.

    HMD bit off WAY more than they could chew with this business. They will be remembered as the final nail in the coffin for Nokia branded mobile phones.

  • Well Now both are Red! Till yesterday, only the Google play system update was Red. Now even the security update is RED!!...I checked for updates of both things but still it says I'm upto date. Does that mean that they've released an update and I didn't get it?...

    It's August 6, India, Model-TA1118.


    The cricket devices got updates I think. We didn't.

    About that Notifications- the quickstep must have got buggy or the android auto got buggy. Or the android adaptive notifications got buggy.

    I don't know about that efuse blow: success....everytime I restart, I feel like I did something to my device.

    The battery charges soo slow. 4hours??

    Ghost touch is messing my messages sometimes

  • bmsg 1980
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    Welcome to HMD.

    Quoting that Laura character is useless.

    Never seen a reply from her on anything.....nor an update on how are the releases going (if any)......Jesus not even a "we are aware of the issues the Android 10 caused to nearly all our phones and we are truly sorry and we apologize to our users. However I can assure you we are working to solve all the problems in all the affected phones"

    This is HMD.

    Advice? Buy another phone from a "customer-respected" brand...

  • Nokia 3.1 plus is just a truble phone that it problems never solve

    Because there are many shapes of this model around the world

    Some shapes of 3.1 plus are mediateck and some are ucta core

    After updating to Android 10 our problems are more than past.

    You can just waiting for future updates or change your phone and run away!

  • For first time after Nokia 3.1 plus updated to Android 10

    My Nokia app is working truly in my phone.

    I could join to Community after few months.

    I hope everything becoming good.

  • The next day I put a thing about that sign in thing...they updated..Maybe they're seeing our issues but still trying to solve. Notifications really suck man...I can manage the Ghost touch and efuse blow success things....but notifications...😩😩 Who wants to be always open with the phone. My eyes strain a lot. I'm a student and what if I'm instructed to watch online classes and I don't get notified??.

    Actually heyy. After rebooting, the notifications do come without opening....but after 6 minutes of use the issue prevails. Unless I open they don't come!

  • Google play system update is updated to July.

  • Im completely agreeing with your points and like many 3.1plus owners, i am regret to choose this one.

    Please write compact than this sir🤒😂

  • 6.3 kB... This is best joke i've have ever seen hahahahaha

  • Hi Bmsg,

    I recently did those exact instructions and some notifications work after that like Snapchat,WhatsApp and Facebook

  • Well done Nokia for releasing an update what ACTUALLY INSTALLS 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • AvgJoe
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    That's Google Play update, it has nothing to do with Nokia, it's all Google. This is NOT a system update.

  • I think you will find that Nokia have to release it and you will also find that the the security updates are MADE BY GOOGLE and RELEASED BY NOKIA so when you all are saying NOKIA is c@#p they are just not releasing them for us

  • AvgJoe
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    Are you messing with all of us?! Where is MR update?

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