HMD Nokia smartphone and featurephone shipments/sales continue to decline


  • andigruber02
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    I don't want to lose Nokia again. But It seems it's only a matter of time...😭😭😭

  • madbilly
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    Hi all,

    If you look at what Nokia corporate are doing now it's clear that they are only interested in partners who will generate them a lot of licensing fees and not much about building their brand globally with high quality products.

    HMD's approach mirrors this because they are paying Nokia for the brand so they just try and leverage the brand as much as they can whilst ignoring what actually makes a good product which will bring them brand loyalty. They are seeing the results of that approach, sadly.

    If HMD fail then I don't expect we will see any other company do a better job of making Nokia phones though, so I think there's not much to hope for either way.

    Cheers 🙂

  • SirFaceFone
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    Well said. I can't help but feel this whole (botched) revival feels like a quick cash-grab without consideration of long term consequences.

  • madbilly
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    Hi @SirFaceFone,

    Well I think they want there to be a long-term future, because people like to grab cash for as long as they can get away with it 😏

    I also think that Nokia would stop any attempts to produce total rubbish with their name on it - we have to be honest and say that HMD's phone are pretty solid most of the time and certainly better than most of the truly Shenzhen-generic stuff which can be bought for much cheaper. So, HMD have to produce things of a certain quality level, however they can still pick and choose what they do - otherwise we wouldn't have this crazy situation where non-Nokia phones have better OZO Audio implementations than Nokia phones! 😆

    Cheers 🙂

  • HMD's problem is support!

    Their updates take too long and they don't test them accurately!

    The notifications bug that is transversal to most Nokias is a critical example.

    This happening in Apple or Samsung phones, is unthinkable! If HMD wants to compete with the best, they have to do a lot more than this.

    Taking more than 3 months to release a MR update to solve critical stuff is unheard of.

    Not even Xiaomi does this.

  • 1.If HMD can't handle Android One, it should give up on it and start refining its ROMs. I also noticed that all Android 10 is bugged (that's why I want Nokia to be with SailfishOS). And Google Services is killing the performance of Nokia's budget phones.

    2. HMD's telephones are indistinct. It looks the same as the phone, e.g. Xiaomi, the price is quite average and pure Android is boring (they could use BlissRom or Resurrection Remix instead of pure Android)

    3. HMD is not some super big company and is already ignoring the community. They will just lose all clients and have a lesson.

  • madbilly
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    Hi @TatsuyaSou and @bmsg 1980 I completely agree! 👍

    Cheers 🙂