Why Nokia Is Using Old Processor?

I know... It's a bit peculiar question but it was tickling I my mind for quite a long time... That Nokia makes such nice phones...

Why Nokia Is Using Old Processor?

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I know... It's a bit peculiar question but it was tickling I my mind for quite a long time... That Nokia makes such nice phones... With quite good build quality, better cameras along with Android One program but why are they still using old processor.

Especially in Nokia 7.2 they are providing sd660 in India at ₹16999. Where as others brands in Indian market are giving sd720g under 15k.

Then why Nokia can't do so at 17k..??

Any one knows the reason.??



  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    That's a trivial question and there's no direct answer available. And I don't think anybody at HMD Global will directly address this. But if you peek back, they did drop some hints when they said that the phone is more than the sum of its parts. Whether that strategy works or not is something only they know.

    Hi! We believe that a smartphone is more than the sum of its parts. Our highly optimized software integration on the Nokia 7.2 ensures that you get effortless performance throughout. On top, we bring our signature two-day battery life promise on the Nokia 7.2.

    More here:

  • Karthik 2003 Karthik 2003
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    I haven't found any problems with the sd 660 that they've used. @madbilly started a thread that clearly showed that the sd 665( which is newer and hence people infer it to be better) is in fact weaker than the sd 660. Companies like Samsung too have overused chipsets like the exynos 9611 which is weaker than sd 660 according to antutu on their midrangers like the a51 and even the recently released m31s which cost a bit more than the 7.2. I personally never thought that the chipset was a deal breaker with the 7.2 but a stronger one would've been better🙂

  • Rohan34 Rohan34
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    I have till now not faced any problems in Nokia 7.2. you know what?, Some apps which laggs and these redmi phones (with powerful processor) play well in Nokia phones. This is because new why is pathetically optimised for Android. While Android one doesn't.

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    According to me,its just about using one of the best parts which supports sd660,even if some hardware parts are supported in some processors and GPU,their is a score how much,if you have made a gaming pc or a workspace pc you may know this,while selecting motherboard there are graphics card which supports them but there is a score of that tuning that which one graphics card can give you best performance,now there will be new technologies which can be implemented in sd660 but either it may not be perfectly tuned or the technology has higher budget,as nokia is not that much into the market like mi,redmi,Samsung but one thing i can see nokia phones are much much better in every aspect compared to mi,redmi,even better than samsung midrange smartphones,plus samsung does trick users by giving some updates after few years through which their phone starts lagging,and we have seen this before,but this type of things you will never notice in nokia or lg or even asus. You will find lot of mi,redmi phones which are good on specs on paper,but are not that good at performance,you will never see this type of things with nokia.

    Still Nokia is best its just they have to increase data storage to 128gb which has nothing to do with compatibility.

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