Need to register complaint for nokia service center

Hi i purchased my mobile on Nov 2018, and due to charging jack issue , i submitted my mobile in Nokia service center, bangalore. But after submitted mobile they call me and told that your mobile is liquid damage, when i told me that show me the CCTV clip when you opened my mobile then they told me to wait for some minutes, but after some  1 hours  they told me that they dont have CCTV login credentials. after 5 days owner told that i dont have any authority to see the CCTV footage. since the date i submitted the mobile they told me so many lies . i am dame sure they change the small PCB on which charging jack is, Kindly tell me what i do now 


  • "Same cheating happened with me, Service center people said liquid damage out of warranty to a software issue"
    I have bought nokia 6.1 plus recently on 18th of march 2019, just 20 days back.
    Yesterday (08th april, 2019) when I took it out of my pocket at around 9 pm it was showing white screen with android one in center and and "download mode"written on top left. I tried to reset but nothing was happening so i took it to service center next morning.
    Service center people took my phone and after checking told me that your phone has got liquid damage (Showing me some green spots, marking corrosion) and because of which it will not be repaired under warranty. The executive told that phone is dead and has damage on main board, they wiil try repair it and if they succeed it will cost Rs. 2200 to Rs 15000 anything.
    I swear that my phone has never came into contact with water or any liquid.
    How can I accept that my phone has liquid damage when I knew that it was not mishandled.

    It has came to this position on regular day to day use.
    Further, let suppose if it has been dropped in water or water has been dropped on it, then I would have not dried it under sun for atleast one day and then take it to service center the other day.But I have reach service center the next morning.
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    Once upon a time my phone falled inside toilet..and not taking charge I took it to service centre Nagaon Assam.. they suck my phone speaker and charging port with his mouth and charge me nothing.. I always appreciate NOKIA service centre... Such a great service personnel they paid.. really hard worker..😂😂
  • job sheet : 572433527/190204/003
    Device;- Nokia 5.1 plus
    My phone charging was loose, after few days it becomes very difficult to charge phone. I visited service centre and they accepted the phone after inspection and told me to wait for 1hr , after 1 hr they come to me and said it is liquid damage due to moisture entry. You will be charged 1200 rs for charging issue in phone.
    1- my phone never even encountered even a splash of water, still if moisture is damaging the phone then is it a customer fault or device build quality.
    2- I asked what you did with my phone in room for 1hr, they told be they opened the font and checked the color of indicator. I told them show me the video of the repair or why if you had doubt you didn't open it in front of me. That told they can not help me.customer care also not helping.
    3- if it is liquid damage why sometimes charging is working sometimes not. If there is liquid damage it should completely stop charging. It is just to fool consumer to avoid warranty cost. It is simple case of poor build of USB port.

    *This was my first Nokia phone and it will be the last. Trust of Nokia is broken.
    I will never buy any Nokia phone in future, also I will recommend everyone not to buy Nokia phones since they are cheating customer.
    3 months after repair , my charging port again stops charging. Nokia is going to loose so many customers. i will ask everyone not to buy hmd global phones ever.
  • Dear Sir/Madam

    I  Kamal Kishore I  purchase Nokia 6.2 mobile phone 3542101000359428,  4/64  dated

    14/10/2019 from Mangla Telecome Uttam Nagar, New Delhi - 59  but after some time I feel some hanging problem

    so I that I  discuss regarding this

    problem  for your authorized Nokia Phone Seller

    Mr. Neeraj /  Mangla Telecome Uttam Nagar,

    New Delhi - 59   and he asking me  I feel software updating problem so I giving

    my nokia 6.2 phone for regarding software updating  as per asking nokia executive but he asking me

    I feel your mobile phone motherboard faulty  so your mobile phone motherboard change

    request forward  so you wait around 5

    days, after five days I collect my mobile phone but after one day after

    using  I feel with my mobile phone same

    problem so I giving one more time so I am going your authorized service center

    Flex Jobsheet No. 554433527/191206/008 he saying me I feel you touch are not

    working properly again  submitted my

    mobile phone around six or seven day’s, after seven day’s they calling me your

    mobile are ok now Flex Jobsheet No. 554433527/191206/008 but problem is still with

    my mobile phone.

    Please I requested you take action and change my phone with new mobile phone.

    Kamal Kishore

    Mobile No. 8743001999


  • I purshased my mobile on May 2019 after 1 month i had some problem in my charging jack i gave my mobile to the service center in Begumpet area Hyderabad they said that they did work ,now the same problem is repeating after a couple of service i want a permanent solution from you

  • My job Sheet no -10534

    I purchased my mobile Nokia 6.1 on June 2019 from the beginning fingerfront not working properly After usage of 5 months my mobile suddenly touch not working I give my mobile service centre in Begumpet area near mangu theatre Hyderabad and they said your mobile got liquid damaged you will be charged nearly 4500/- . Bcz it is not covered under warranty

    I never dropped any water even encountered even splash of water

    I am big fan of Nokia now my decision changed I never buy any Nokia phones and also I suggest my friends and family members never buy Nokia phones

    I suggest Nokia company first improve Nokia service center than start selling phones plz bcz people's are not fools with out any reason ( even under warranty )to pay 4500/-

  • Same problem charging plug☹️

  • I delivered my nokia accessory BH-705, which was under warranty, to hmd global in haryana, as per the instruction of nokia care, 6 days ago and have not yet received a replacement for the same. Further, the nokia help centre has stopped replying to my mails since yesterday. Nokia has taken my accessory and not provided any replacement and is no longer replying to mail.

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    dear sir,

    bill number:- GM/1170/18-19

    Shop:-Gravity Mobile, Vashi, Navimumbai

    IMEI:- 353398090535130

    Purchase Bill Date:- 7-4-2019

    device:- Nokia 6.1

    topic:- Assuring that I can get warranty time service for my device

    My phone was having 6% battery left when i kept it for charging. After sometime when I checked my phone, there was no display. It still didn't start when i pressed and holded the power button as to ensure if its no switched off. There is no respond from device.

    As it will complete its warranty period in next few days and due to lockdown in the country there is no facility available. I kindly request you to give me good service for it.

  • Worst experiance buying a nokia 7 plus which costed a high amount of rs 24000 but even we see a poor quality charging jack and it's sad to see nokia service centre services. Nokia brand just me to a level of cheating there customers....

  • If any one viewing my coment and new Nokia phone buyer I would strongly recommend not to buy a Nokia phone... And also not to suggest to any of your friend and relative.

  • My nokia 6.2 had a camera issue both back and front along with backup of deleted contact . I was said the contact issue couldn't be recovered but camera would be .. they took a day time and my camera was fine after repair . But now it's again stopped working both the back and front .. the picture I clicked after I got back my phone from care centre

  • I have purchased one Nokia 6.1 Plus mobile on 21.07.2019. After 5 months it has started giving its charging problem. Now, the mobile set is totally defunct.

    It is a manufacturing defect. But, Nokia company has shifted its responsibility by citing the defect as 'water damage' and warranty does not cover it.

    Friends, it is simply a cheat on the pretext of 'water damage'. So, consumer forum complaints should be lodged against the Nokia company.

  • I have nokia 8 scricon black,after use of 2-3 months its display broken then i call nokia custemer care number they said due to corona ur produch didn’t deliver so u wait plz

    then i call him again 1-7-2020 and they took my phone 6-7-2020 and give me ten day’s

    when i ask about display cost they tell it will be 10-12000 and send it on ur emil

    now its one month every 48 hour (given by them) when i call only one answar sorry sir plz call 48 hour

    when i say give me ur senior number they say its only one number18001028169

    what i do now plz tell me

  • Sir,i have used nokia 6.1 phone.Now phone have some problem related to battery . I also contact with care near me but no available new battery in the care.

    Also nokia customer support system is not good,why i use your product,if nokia have no good service network

  • Sir,

    I have Nokia8.1, in my device I have display and touch problem I'll go 4 to 5 times in service center but still my problem is not solve .

    The service is not good for me still my device are folty Thayer are some issues in my device .

  • Sir ,

    1st of all please look at all the problems that we are facing , I'm in shocked right now because i recently face a problem which is related to front camera of whatsapp especially during video calls whenever i open my camera its look perfect even when i clicked pictures from whatsapp camera it works well but when i start filming any thing or doing any video call the quality of camera become worst the light totally change its colour it become dull and giving dark light ...

    Please do something

  • Pls don't go for a nokia phone now from hmd global. The service centers are for faking ppl. All their mobiles having charging port issues and they don't cover it in warranty. It's been only 6 months. Pls don't waste your money

  • Nokia is waste

  • old job sheet no: 256504867/200806/004

    New job sheet no: 201504867/200924/012

    Nokia 7.1 (charging port issues)

    After reading all the comments above I come to a conclusion that worst company award should be given to NOKIA and PUNE service centre as worst Nokia service centre in world. In July I had submitted my phone to Nokia Service centre (PUNE), for two month they kept my phone without solving the issue and there was zero coordination during that time. Later in last week of September I took my phone and submitted the same to service centre in mumbai as there was no response from the pune team. Till date my problem remains the same. Its been 3 months that the company is not at all willing to solve the issue.

    It is clearly a mental and physical harassment from the company to its customers. I guess everyone of as should file a complaint to the consumer court as I see everyone is facing the same issue.

  • I request you all to not fall in the fake words of the representatives when you call on 18001028169. From my 15-20 call to 18001028169, they told me that my issue is been kept on high priority and from 3 month it is still on that. I don't understand what kind of high priority it is. Better go for other company phones than getting never ending harassment by NOKIA ....

  • Nokia service center not repair my warranty device.

    Service center yamunanagar 135001.

  • I made a complaint to nokia service center regarding my nokia 5.1 plus for loose charging point and they made it,but after getting repaired that from the service center itself now its not been connecting to any pc , laptop

    Nokia needs to look upon these problems, I own two nokia mobiles

    Do I again need to visit service center for this new issue , like they have fixed one issue and created another issue

    Please revert to my mail regarding this Nokia.

    [email protected]m

  • Hello, I am using Nokia 5.1 Plus from last 2 years without any issue, but after update with the latest android software, I am getting charging port issue into phone, and this is very dis-appointing condition.

    This port seems loose kind of work, I went service center also, and talks multiple time with customer care also, they told warranty expired, and I have to pay, Authorise service center telling 1400 INR as initial cost, I have to trust on them, they are miss behaving also.

    I purchased two Nokia 5.1 plus phones, and I am getting issue in both mobiles after update to android 10, due to Nokia problem, I have to pay, This is the loose port issue from Nokia, or something issue in latest android 10 compatibility.

    I am very disappointed with Nokia phones, I will never purchase in such cases.

    Nokia 5.1 plus phones are very bad in such manner, due to Nokia mistake I have to pay.

  • It's hardly a month i have bought new NOKIA 2.4 and it started fluctuating and shows 2lines on screen and during that time it's unresponsive. Then I approached service centre where they told that this model is difficult to repair and its non replaceable. Then only I came to know that nokia sells mobile in two heads REPLACEABLE and NON REPLACEABLE mobile.... Atlast they have send it for repair and told me that there are so many similar complaints which are going unrectified by nokia.

    I will update as soon as I gets further clarification from mobile centre.

  • I am using NOKIA 7.1 since August 2019 and for same i got issue related to auto restart frequently, so for that i consult Nokia Care(Binni Enterprises (Nokia Care, Raj Lakhan Complex, Grand Trunk Rd, near Canaran Bank, Sasaram, Bihar 821115) in months of Feb 2021 and they suggested to change battery and its took 2 months time and give me the phone in 1st week of April. so after collecting phone is working fine for 2 months and again i got the same issue in 20-June-2021. So now again i visited to the same service center and employee of service center told me service center is permanent closed for Nokia and now i am helpless after spending around 2500 rs . Please help me about the issue so my phone got repair with better facility. This is not acceptable from Such Brand Nokia.. its force me in future to not choose or suggest the NOKIA brand for this bad facility.

  • G21 TA-1418 DS 6/1280 IN BL_NFC automatic shutdown and not restart or on. I facing the problem so any time in two months. Once mobile was shutdown or off I am go to shop and is on . First job sheet number:530465550/230222/001

    Second time I send mobile ot same service centre for same issues . I want replacement or remedy.

  • G21 automatic shutdown and not on or restart again. Fingerprint also not working second job sheet: 530465550/230320/004. I send my device same service center in Vellore. Center not giving proper answer