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  • After the pie update,am facing a lot of problems on my Nokia 6.1,I.e,during call the mic isn't working,no sound,the speakers arent working,most especially BAD NETWORK,can't browse since two weeks ago even on tired of this damm phone,can you please nokia,fix it up already......

  • On lock screen, the battery charging status is cut off

  • Is anybody know that "extended warranty", "free repair of charging port" service is available in Pakistan?

  • Nokia's contact search is one of the dumbest.

    *Contact search displays results in alphabetical order making it inconvenient because one has to scroll again to fetch a "searched results".

    *Contact search only recognises 'exact' name and will not return any results when only 'part' of the name is remembered which makes it very dumb.

    Nokia should fix the update in the phone's app ASAP!

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    Cannot seem to search my contacts properly after the android 10 update. One has to search for the contact as it has been saved and only then it displays the contact. Have tried factory reset on the phone but in vain. The issue is in both the PHONE APP and CONTACTS APP. Please rectify it.

  • After Android 10 update, mobile data connectivity isn't stable when apps are switched as well it isn't stable for long time. Frequently it gets disconnected and then reconnects.

  • I am a big fan of nokia ...but after Android 10 update I have been facing some issues:

    *Heating problem*

    *Battery drain

    *Photos captured in Google camera are not shown in gallery

    *Disturbances in speaker

    I wish nokia would fix these issues soon ....😣

  • Hello all,

    After connecting my nokia 6.1 plus with laptop for file transfer

    I can see

    Simp Chinese


    I am not able to delete these files pls advise if anyone facing same

  • I am facing overheating issue from first day..I have placed an replacement but they rejected my replacement because my phone temperature is just 46'C . That's terrible they told me if temperature goes above 50 then we can consider it .

    We Nokia 6.1 Plus users want a perfect solution for overheating and fast battery drainage .

    HMD Global please help us to sort out this problem..

  • I am facing issue in my Nokia 6.1 plus and just sent the phone for repair. I was using WhatsApp and then suddenly the phone started restarting and remain stuck at androidone logo no matter what i tried.

  • After the pie update, the status bar's icons seemed to be not in the middle. It's ugly!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm facing issue after I got last update. Application like WhatsApp, SnapChat can't takr photos. It's really irritating. Please fix this issue asap.

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  • A new kind of thing appears in battery usage section (-5). And this drains battery much quicker. Have a look at the screenshot.

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    Anyone use a Qi Wireless Receiver pad with the nokia 6.1 Plus?

    I'd like help in knowing if a Qi wireless receiver pad of 5w Wireless Charging Receiver, Output : 5V/1000mA would work for the Nokia 6.1 Plus and approximately what speed would it charge at, thank you :)

  • My phone is a Nokia 6.1 phone has a complaint.if I have came a phone call or I call someone ,I can hear their sounds and reply.but my sound or talks they can't have to know what was the problem

  • But if the call cut .then I call again then no problem.what is the problem

  • Hi all how do i unsubscribe from this post. I know someone though it was funny and thats weird. I dont own this phone anymore and i am sick of getting emails from the replies

  • Reboot your phone and see if that solves the problem.

    Are you using any phone call recording software?

    Check which applications have access to your microphone. Disable the permission to all except the phone app and see if it solves the problem.

    If the above does not work, I'd suggest reset.

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    and uncheck email. Unless you have another Nokia model and use this community.

    Btw I hit the LOL :D, sorry, was just amusing :P

  • Cts profile shows false on my nokia 6.1 plus

  • I think it's because the Android One program has reached EOL. I could be wrong.

    I have a bootloader unlocked phone with LineageOS running on it so, I have CTS failed but that's what it's supposed to show in my case.

    Are you on stock firmware? Update to the latest security patch

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    Poor hardware USB charging port problem comes even before 1yr

  • two days before tried an official security update.. after that the phone went to download mode.. then the screen went off.. not even a blinking now.. no combination switches working or force start.. not even charging.. what to do ?

  • Didn't observe any significant changes in the security updates, accessibility to volume keys, powering off, data & airplane toggles are still enabled while phone is locked!

    I believe these toggles should not be operational on the lock screen, just as we have on Samsung devices

  • Nokia 6.1 plus charging port problem what i can do?