Nokia 7 Plus in the U.S.?

I see some conflicting things regarding if the Nokia 7 Plus and other new Nokia phones announced at the Mobile World Congress 2018 will support the necessary bands for use in T-Mobile, AT&T and other GSM Networks.  The Nokia 6 2017 was released and supported both these carriers, so naturally I would believe that the Nokia 7 Plus and other Nokia devices would support these bands as well.

Nokia 7 Plus in the U.S.?

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I see some conflicting things regarding if the Nokia 7 Plus and other new Nokia phones announced at the Mobile World Congress 2018 will support the necessary bands for use in T-Mobile, AT&T and other GSM Networks. 

The Nokia 6 2017 was released and supported both these carriers, so naturally I would believe that the Nokia 7 Plus and other Nokia devices would support these bands as well. Further, with their partnership with Amazon selling "exclusive" Amazon Nokia phones in certain colors, it would only make sense to make a variant with support for these bands/carriers. Also, since they are going with Android One, you'd think Google would jump on to offer them via Project Fi, as that network is in desperate need of new devices and offering Nokia phones directly through them would entice buyers to not only join up with their network but also give consumers more options to pick up other phones. It would be a win-win situation on both sides.

Bottom line is, does anyone know or can anyone confirm that these upcoming Nokia phones (specifically the Nokia 7 Plus since that is the one I want) will work with other carriers in the U.S. like T Mobile/AT&T etc? 


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    This is exactly what I want to know. I know several people that are interested in the new Nokia phones if they are available with US bands.
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    I bought the Nokia 6.1 for my wife a few weeks ago and it's been great so far.  However, I need something with more RAM and Memory, so bringing the Nokia 7 Plus to the US certainly would fit my needs.

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    It is such a shame that Nokia keeps us in the dark about an eventual Nokia 7 Plus release in North America.

    I bet HMD's strategic focus is mostly on growing markets with huge potential such as India and China. HMD is understandably in a make or break position and they need to capitalize or they'll go bust. And the US has always been a hard market for Nokia phones...

    That said I do wish HMD would consider launching a Nokia 7 Plus North American version with band support for all major carriers.

    I ordered a Nokia 7 Plus to Canada from Amazon after studying carrier specs only to open the box, fall in love with the amazing sleek design of it, get Android all setup and everything working on the app side, only to then put my Virgin Mobile sim card in it and come to the conclusion that Bell/Virgin actually DO NOT work with it. What a bummer, It is such a beautiful phone and love holding it in my hand. There isn't really much real competition at the moment in the mid-range price class for cell phones in Canada, at least ones substituting for flagship models. Only Motorola Moto X4 comes to mind but that one is already getting over an year old. The Oneplus 6 just came out some days ago but after taxes and everything it comes in a few $100 more expensive, it might be an phone with amazing specs and smoother functionality but it is still more expensive and closer to the flagship pricing, and it is not a Nokia. The Nokia cuts in way below this in the $400 - $500 range (the Ebay sold / imported ones that is). In any case I can tell you that the 660 chip in the Nokia 7 Plus gets the job done, doesn't need more performance. I didn't have any issues with the camera, even selfies taken in the dark came out nicely, I am thinking it could be a software thing, that the software for the camera needs a good update...

    Anyways I am crossing my fingers for a USA/Canada 7 Plus!!! Please HMD make it happen!

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     After all my research, I thought the Nokia 7 Plus was the best replacement for my ageing Nexus 6; I contemplated buying one off eBay, but found no USA coverage for T-Mobile. I ended up ordering a OnePlus 6. The camera performance will decide whether I keep it or not, and just keep my Nexus 6 going a little longer.


    I guess I don't understand why they can't include USA bands like the OnePlus 6? 

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    Nokia is making an announcement May 29th in Moscow.  Could be for new, refreshed or wider distribution of current models. Maybe the US will get the 6X or 7 plus. If not at least provide a US variant of the 6.1 with 4gb of RAM and 64gb of ROM.

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    No surprises at the Nokia announcement in Moscow. Was actually a bit of a disappointment. Was expecting they would save a big surprise for the end but, no. What we got instead was the Android lady as climactic as she was...

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    Come on Nokia HMD; no new announcements for the US market! Please bring a US variant of the 7 Plus and the Sirocco to the US along with the 6X and 6.1 with 4GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM.  I purchased the 6.1 with 3GB of RAM and 32GB or ROM for my wife and love the phone, but I need a higher spec model!  Looking to purchase a new phone by Father's Day to replace my aging Lumia 950XL.  Hope you have something by then.  You have three sellers in the US; B&H Photo, Best Buy, and Amazon. Two of the 3 no longer have the 6.1 in stock and Amazon is almost sold out.  Now's your chance to start shipping higher spec models.

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    I too had Nexus 6, but it's getting too slow and buggy in the phone call function, and the battery isn't that good anymore. Have always loved Nokia and after much research, decided to buy my 7 Plus from They seem to be legit as they were offering Google Home mini as a promotion (official Nokia promo for UK customers). I did NOT want to go with any of the Chinese brands, no matter how gorgeous they looked (they are a bit more pricey as well).

    I looked on Amazon and eBay, but they all were offering TA-1062, which (even if it originates from Taiwan) is a Chinese version. The difference between the Chinese version and the other versions is that it has to comply with the Chinese phone regulations, which could cause delay in system updates and affect such apps as WhatsApp if the Chinese govt decides to crack down on them (THANK YOU to the amazing Nokia rep who told me that!!)

    Anyway, I went with Clove, who turned out to be a bit more expensive than Amazon or eBay, but I didn't want to take my chances. It came super fast (expedited shipping was only GBP 2 more expensive than standard international shipping) and I've been enjoying it for 2 weeks now. A bit of a pain to confirm my identity with Clove, but I understand why they do it (for a it might be deal killer). It's a TA-1055 model, a single SIM card variant. Came with the Nokia transparent flex case and Nokia headphones (I don't think they have a mic for hands free calls unfortunately), and a UK charger. I bought a Quick Charger for the US outlets and, as a second option, a micro-USB to USB-C adapter so I don't have to throw away the chargers I already have.

    While I waited for the phone to get here, I found someone on one of the Android forums providing step by step instructions to change from the Chinese variant software to global software. But it was too late for me at that time - bummer, could've saved $50-70 by buying the phone on Amazon and recoding it (it's not a jailbreak).

    BTW, looks like the Chinese TA-1062 variant does have the CDMA option, but the British variant TA-1055 does not (or is it the other way around?) My phone works fine on Cricket (GSM), but instead of 4G it shows H, whatever that means. I'll have to look into it (I think i might have to update the APN settings to Cricket provided wording), but the internet connection is plenty speedy for me as it is.

    The only disadvantage to this that I see is if something goes wrong with the phone. I think I can ship it back to Clove, and they would ship it Nokia for repair. But again, neither the Amazon not the eBay sellers offer any warranty.

    I really wanted my Nokia 7 Plus, and got it. Praying it works out down the road.
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    At the Moscow event, Nokia said it is bringing more phones to the US. Hopefully someone at Nokia will figure out that the US phones need to get ALL the T-mobile bands including the 600 mhz one.

    Two Nokia phones are missing from the US lineup that both would likely to be big sellers. One is the Nokia 6.1 in the 64gb configuration. (The 32gb is available, but not the 64gb). And while the 32gb works on T-mobile, the phone is missing some bands. 

    The other missing phone is the 7 plus. 

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    Thanks, user1523446948197.  My wife has the 6.1 and it supports band 2,4,5, and 12 of T-Mobile.  It does not have band 66 or band 71 used by T-Mobile.  Looking at other manufacturers, they also, in most cases, do not have band 66 or 71.

    User1525790230828 glad you have the 7 Plus working to your satisfaction. Sounds like you put a lot of thought went into your decision.  I just will either get the US variant of the 6.1 or wait a few months and to see if the 7 Plus is released in the US.  I don’t want to fool around with non-US charger and adaptors and the loss of 1 or more LTE bands on a non-US variant phone.

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     It really is a shame that this phone is not offered in the US currently.  I would have rather had this that the 6.1.  Hopefully HMD will wake up and offer a US version soon, or I may have to get a 1062 and flash it.

  • just to make clear, the 32gb. Nokia 6.1 DOES come in a US version that has a number of US LTE bands. What it is missing is some of the newer T-Mobile bands. It works perfectly on T-mobile and AT&T . Just not on the newer bands that T-Mobile is rolling out. 

    The other issue with the 6.1 is the 32gb of memory. The 64gb version, which is offered in other markets, hasn't yet come to the U.S. In other markets, introduction of the 64gb version has followed   introduction of the 32gb version by a month or two. But there has been no indication whether that will happen in the U.S.

  • Just to clarify, I use the Nokia cord (USB-C to regular USB) with a generic USB-C charger for the US outlets as well as the generic quick charger - there's no need to use the UK plug.

    Just because I'm cheap (and by no means because it's needed) I did also get a micro-USB to USB-C adapter so I could use the cords/ chargers that I already have - buying another USB-C cord (besides the one that came with the phone) was more expensive.

    Before getting my 7 Plus, I spent a couple hours in chat and on the phone with Cricket trying to figure out what bands their 4G has, and no one had the slightest clue - their response (even from the tech department) was that if the phone specs say "4G", then it would work with Cricket. I decided not to stress out about it too much. I needed to get a new phone fast, as my Nexus 6 was not displaying calls that were coming in, and 7 Plus was the only phone that fit almost all of my requirements.
  • I'm looking for phones with band 71. 600 mhz also. For TMobile
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